America, Teorrorists, Trump


Crap, I remember that guy. Going to drive me crazy until someone drops his name.


I know. He dropped a load of poetry in one of the sub-forums before eating the final ban. I can almost see the name…



Feeling conflicted, I see.


If you were sketzoid like the joker, than you could see it, and foretell the future. lol.


Is that thee best you’ve got? really? Common Blackwolf, you impressed me in thee past, but not you’re just being pathetic.


Terrorists are not intimidated by military might, that’s a fact. Not to burst your bubble but…………


You’re 100 percent perfectly right! I mean if any country thought that America had no defenses what-so-ever military wise, it would make no difference to them, and we would never ever get attacked. lmao. lol. Maybe you should possibly think before you type?


Nations and terrorists have different motivations, which your post obviously neglects to take into account.


Soooo you’re saying that both terrorists and any other nation in thee world would both never attack America, if they simply knew that we had no defense against them? Cause that is what I just talked about, and you were trying to contradict that??? lol. Trying, and failing.


I spent the best years of my life in the Army defending this nation and retired as a Master Sergeant. Meanwile, you’ve posted on a message board and tried to pass yourself as some sort of patriot. Piss off little man.


You’re exactly right! to speak of what I’m about trying to protect the borders of America is being a patriot! To speak against terrorism is treason, because I love my country and don’t want anyone in it to ever be hurt, but that is anti-patriotism. Thee fact that Obama a huge Democrat that his own father was anti American, because he hated American, and his own pastor hated America, and said basically fu** it! But you’re exactly right, and true to your own country! I think that you’re confused little one. I’ve tried time and time again to be in thee military, and thee only reason I don’t lie about it, is because I’m to honest, and they keep telling me that they won’t let me in, because of my mental health background. Otherwise I would have been in there a long time ago! I respect anyone in thee military, and my biggest dream in my lifetime is to go into thee marines. NO matter what age I am! Because I love my country!


You are too scatterbrained to even have a discussion with. Maybe when and if you learn to focus better.


Attention Deficient Disorder. Brain damage(16 stiches in my right part of my head when I was like 6), turrets syndrome when I was younger with things called tics. I know that I’ll never be good enough to focus enough to talk with someone as intelligent as you’re………………but I can still wish can’t I?


Don’t fret, I ain’t that smart.


Ultimately, in thee long scheme of things overall knowledge wise in general, none of us are that smart. Because nobody is perfect, and nobody can or will ever be able to know everything in this world, or anywhere near close to it. We can never stop learning. Not unless we chose to stop.