America is just an Idea Joe? Farwell America

Out of the mouth rolled lies, I guess lies come out of Biden’s mouth on tape on the senate floors, primary debate stage and yes, I do my research and 1st and 2nd debates. And no I don’t fall for disinformation. Or I should then believe things will be better with his policy. Compare Russia’s constitution to Biden and Bernie’s manifest.

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Nothing says great like high unemployment, decimated military, shattered economy, felons running freely, open borders, bad trade deals, defunded police, draconian gun control laws, sanctuary cities, sky high taxes, regulation nightmare, tax payer funded late term abortion on demand, censorship of Conservative views, making us dependent on foreign fuel again, high gas prices, high utility costs, raise in capital gains tax, free healthcare for illegals, free education for illegals, amnesty for 20 million people, packing the supreme court, doing away with the filibuster, add more states to gain more Democrat Senators, giving our sovereignty to other nations through treaties, Covid lockdown, federal mask mandates, resumed attacks on Christianity, warrantless spying on Americans, weaponizing the IRS, abolishing the electoral college, give billions to terrorist countries that hate us, decriminalize drug offenses, pass a wealth tax, censoring our first amendment right to free speech, and assembling together, retrofit our houses to meet new green deal standards…

Yeah, make America great… impoverished and oppressed, but great. A regular Lib Utopia!


The ad leaves those pesky details out, but the sound bite is optimistic. Credit the campaign for running at least one effective message.

Context…aint it a bitch?

Again…context, when you view it…is gonna be a bitch.

I’d like the context when he said America is dead.

I don’t know…who is saying he did?

He did I heard him
I agree with him tho.
When Constitution survives by a squeaker In America…she sure is dead.

Giving up on America simply because Trump lost?

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A forced shutdown? That is a socialist dictator move.

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No one’s doing that.

Next thing you know he will say something stupid like america is a shining city on a hill…

They are.

What move would a capitalist dictator make?

Edit: oops, didn’t mean to necropost…

Joe loves power and prestige, little else.

Ask the minorities from fascist Europe in the 20’s-40%.

Dictators can only exist under very limited circumstances.

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I’ve tried parsing this several times, but I still don’t understand it.

What’s your point?

Never lived up to it??
Joe’s knows.

“I ain’t no senator’s son, son”

So now he’s gonna fix the investigation …errr… I mean … inequality?

Somehow that really doesn’t surprise me.

Bidden stated that America was founded on an idea. He didn’t state that America is just an idea as you imply. I didn’t find anything to quibble about in Biden’s remarks.

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