America is just an Idea Joe? Farwell America

America is just an Idea Joe? Farwell to the Bill of Rights, Boarders and the Great Men and Women who serve in Blue !!! You were wrong Joe, it is not going to be a Dark Winter but a Dark Future!


Are you saying America is not an idea? What does that mean?

What is the context of the speech?

Way to quell the outrage.

Joe stated that America is just an Idea and never lived up to it potential

Oh… yeah… I 100% agree with that.

We never lived up to our advertising.

Yep, he did.

That’s a good ad.

I am glad I voted for him three times.


I’m reporting your post to the voter fraud hotline.


Maybe for it to mean anything, American exceptionalism must include the notion that it is one of the few countries in the world whose citizens are brave enough to look back at our flaws and missteps unflinchingly, at least as much as we celebrate our achievements.

Radical! Seditious! Traitor!


Our nation was founded on a simple idea: We’re all created equal. We’ve never lived up to it — but we’ve never stopped trying.

Not a Biden voter, but I don’t find this quote particularly offensive in its full context. It’s clearly hopeful with “but we’ve never stopped trying.” That’s light years beyond Cuomo’s idiotic “America was never great” stupidity, and there are many other issues to get worked up about than something this innocuous.


I am by no means a Biden supporter. I completely disagree with his policy and what is at stake. Unfortunately if we the voters said our peace, means it will be a painful process returning back to our constitution if Biden and Harris policies are implemented with vengeance and on steroids.

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Joe’s right. We have yet to fully live up to our potential.

It’s time to Make America Great.

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Not sure what that has to do with saying farewell to the Bill of Rights.

Also important to take note of the full quote. He specifically references equality, he’s not slandering any of the great achievements the nation has. I’m going to disagree vehemently with his policies in the coming years, or the influence the left has on him, but I don’t question that he loves this country.

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Countries aren’t too different than people. We’re all trying to live up to our potential. We all deal with conflicting thoughts and emotions. When we can’t do that, we don’t function as effectively as we could. Nobody is perfect. No country is perfect. Even countries are “human.”


That is why Joe didn’t want his kids razed in a jungle? He also wanted to jail as many super predators. He did great policies. Way to go Joe! What kind of bus will Harris ride on when she and AOC get over bearing?

Well that went south quickly.

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southern strategy


didn’t happen. you’re been feed disinformation by the people you trust.

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