America Can Get The Wall! No National Security Needed!


Amazing how “small government” conservatives who claim to be the heirs to the spirit of our Founding Fathers who were terrified of “too much centralized power”…

…now want to give ONE FEDERAL OFFICIAL the authority to just reallocate billions of taxpayer dollars wherever he sees fit by declaring a national emergency.

I can hear the Founders turning over in their graves from here over that one.

Here is a little snippet from your OWN link…

"(b) Availability of Funds.—During fiscal years 2006 through 2020, funds for drug interdiction and counter-drug activities that are available to a joint task force to support counter-drug activities may also be used to provide the counter-terrorism or counter-transnational organized crime support authorized by subsection (a).

Congress appropriates these funds and can designate how they are spent… Nobody, and I mean nobody, in government procurement is going to violate the misappropriation act…

I knew that - thanks. That’s not the portion that was in bold italics though. The portion that was in bold italics was this one:

Than again, you’re probably right. Obama was the honest President

I’m pretty sure I’ve never made this claim, as my opinion is that Obama was a liar like Trump.

ya kidding me right? The Democrats constantly complain about “white privilege”
and say the founding four fathers were a bunch of Racist white priveledged
land owners, and sexists, and blah blah, blah,
and yet you’re going to say that they’d be turning in their graves over what
you just said?

They were actually Civil Servants for the people, unless Pelosi and the Democrats that love taking vacations and therefore basically mock the government workers, instead of staying in Washington, and trying to resolve the situation.

They think the government shutdown was a joke, and they didn’t take it seriously at all.
They showed Americans their true colors by meeting their Lobbyists friends on Vacations, and taking their private vacations, while the American government workers suffered.

Military Spending Bill maybe? Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funds?
(DOD) Funds?

And President Trump
can’t legally touch any of these money wise, without the approval of Congress?

You didn’t actually read the entire link you cited, did you? If you did, you would have noticed this little bullet…

"(e) Funding.—Of the amounts authorized to be appropriated for the Department of Defense by this Act [see Tables for classification], the Secretary of Defense may use up to $75,000,000 to provide assistance under subsection (a).

Just for clarity, that is $75M…

You are correct, CONGRESS appropriates the funds for specific purposes… It’s not like an allowance…

No links to me saying that Obama is honest then. Thanks for the confirmation.

Um…what are you talking about?

You think the Founders would be all on board with a President seizing the power of the purse?


I don’t see why this will even be necessary since Donald said Nancy will be begging him for the wall.

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How is money for a much needed border wall for the
America’s Peoples safety, seizing the power of the purse for himself?

The constitution is very clear who appropriates funds… No worries, the courts will be happy to educate Trump if he tries to mis-allocate funds…

speaking of mis-allocating funds.

How’s Global Warming going?

If Trump doesn’t get funds, from the programs I mentioned he’ll find a way.

Us people that believe in the Wall, are donating to try and help the cause.

And he will end up in court and an injunction preventing the spending of the funds. Typical case like this takes 1-2 years with appeals… Should have answer sometime in late 2020 or early 2021…

You do realize that the US border isn’t overseas right?

I’m sorry this thread isn’t about global warming.

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You do realize that Illegal Immigrants, and Refugees, are
“Illegally” going to try and cross America’s border correct?

NO it’s not.

I’ll try and stay on topic.

It doesn’t negate the fact that the border isn’t overseas so the Overseas Contingency Operations Funding cannot be used for it

Perhaps. :thinking:

Illegals and Refugees are still coming here Illegally, and the Democratic
Party could seem to care less.