America Can Get The Wall! No National Security Needed!

10 United States Code 284 Authorizes the President to deploy the military
to build our border wall on the Southern Border!!!

No Congress Needed! No National Emergency Needed!

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So, the executive bypassing congress and pulling more power to itself is a good thing now? Checks and balances are back to being a bad thing?

We already saw this yesterday… The president can use 10 USC 284 to provide military personnel to assist in counterdrug activities but there are no provisions in the law that provide FUNDING for constructing a wall.

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GOP is going to love when the next mass shooting causes a liberal president to declare a national emergency to severely limit gun sales until we can figure our what the hell is going on!


How so given the Misappropriation act? Where does this funding come from? How does 10 USC 284 handle the private property claims on the border?

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I’m sorry, this Thread isn’t about Guns.

Please stay on topic.

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My post wasnt about guns

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Military Spending Bill maybe? Considering Obama tore down our government overall,
and didn’t update what he was suppose to. Therefore, killing how many
American soldiers?

Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) funds?
(DOD) Funds?

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It’s about declaring a national emergency

I wonder what the Venn diagram of people who support this graphed with the people who lost their â– â– â– â–  over Jade Helm would look like.


What? He doesn’t need to do it that way any more, if you
read the link I posted up above.

It’s part of the Amendments.

It always amazes me when people use the actions of one president to justify the actions of another.

One thing I can say about myself - I have been equally critical of both Obama and Trump - often for the same things.





Which one of “The Amendments”?

Well, with Insane Obama, he enjoyed overthrowing the states individual rights,
and enjoyed pulling executive orders all of the time, and rewriting the Bill Of Rights,
do satisfy the Democrat Politicians.

Trump is simply doing what he legally can do.
I’m pretty sure there is a huge difference there.

Than again, you’re probably right. Obama was the honest President. The one
that came from good old honest Politics in Illinois.

LMAO… That’s not how it works… If there is a spare $5.7 billion laying around, we have a bigger problem…

The author of the link above is… ummmmm… uninformed…

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Please provide a link to me making the statement in bold italics.

Thanks in advance.

Who’s the author, and how are they uninformed?