America added to the list of most dangerous countries for journalism for the first time in history

for the first time in history America has be listed among the most dangerous countries in the world for journalism.

PARIS — The murder of the Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi — in a year when more than half of all journalists who were killed around the world were targeted deliberately — reflects a hatred of the media in many areas of society, a free-press advocacy group said Tuesday.

At least 63 professional journalists were killed doing their jobs in 2018, a 15 percent increase over last year, said the group, Reporters Without Borders. The number of deaths rises to 80 when all media workers and people classified as citizen journalists are included, it said in its annual report (PDF).

The world’s five deadliest countries for journalists include three — India, Mexico and, for the first time, the United States — where journalists were killed in cold blood, even though those countries weren’t at war or in conflict, the group said.

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There are certain streets in certain cities that most of us wouldn’t drive through in the day much less the night. St Louis usually takes the #1 murder city in U.S. by population. Chicago by sheer numbers. But in reality we’re talking certain areas, not that it’s a good thing.

Alright folks! We made it! High fives all around!




In a normal world, we’d be ashamed of this. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are.

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Conservative America is mostly incapable of shame at this point.

So, the left is going to pretend there’s a problem in the US because 6 journalists were killed in one incident last year. That’s actually a very safe profession compared to other professions…

Trump has no equivalent…

" For a second consecutive year, the Obama administration set a record for times federal employees told citizens, journalists and others that despite searching they couldn’t find a single page of files that were requested."

“The Obama administration in its final year in office spent a record $36.2 million on legal costs defending its refusal to turn over federal records under the Freedom of Information Act, according to an Associated Press analysis of new U.S. data that also showed poor performance in other categories measuring transparency in government.”

Why did you post this and what does it have to do with the OP?

It’s about oppression of Journalism… My article is about how Obama did it. Which is worse than some kook shooting them …in the long run…

i think the roar we just heard is the white house press office celebrating their win

Reporters hate Trump and love Democrats. Not really news.

Well, the Trump “conservatives” certainly are. For those of us conservatives who will have nothing to do with Trumpism, this is just another reason we won’t follow Dumpster Donnie down the path he has taken the Republican Party.

Good think we can count on you to keep up informed.

You really don’t think that another incident like that could happen in the near future? Especially a future where Trump is no longer president. Don’t pretend Trump hasn’t encouraged ill will towards journalists.

If it was a President who inspired the shooter’s hatred of reporters, based on the dates it must have been Obama. Of course, no President did. It was a persona matter.

“Ramos, who is from Maryland, sued the Capital Gazette for defamation in 2012 after a columnist wrote about his guilty plea to criminal harassment in 2011. His case was dismissed, and an appeals court affirmed the decision.”

And the people who made that list were dishonest to use it.

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i’m praying some far left nut job doesn’t go after Fox News employees. the pot has been stirred by way too many politicians and media people.

I didn’t know you were a journalist. I mean if you say this with such certainty, then you must be one. Are you?

Journalists don’t live only by FOIA.

There’s no connection to Obama here.