Amazon Supports Legalization

One step closer to full legalization. Not only are they supporting legalization, they are going to stop testing for it in pre-employment screening. This is a big freaking deal and I’m sure more will follow.

It’s high time we let the stigma go. :grin:


As they should.


Of course they support it. Same day delivery.


LOL…I had the same thought. Drone delivery. :grin:


It’s becoming legal in more and more states. What’s the point in testing for that for a warehouse job? But you can be sure they’ll be regularly testing their drivers for it. My previous job used to hand out 30 days for the first offense. My current job, same employer, doesn’t care.

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Just a sampling of the fun times coming.

I think things are a lot different now. That incident was from 2011.

One man’s delivery drone is another man’s magic flying weed Piñata.


When they get those drones going you can have it within the hour.

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We still cant indulge…Even though its legal in NY now.

People are high differently now than they were 10 years ago?
Huh, no ■■■■■

Meaning the laws and acceptance have changed. At the time of the article, no state had recreational marijuana. Now, there are 17.

It would of been a good morning to invest. Cannabis stocks rallied on this news after taking a hit just yesterday.

Where I grew up, (not the nicest area) that pizza delivery guy would have got a beating. But then again, no way do the police respond to that type of call where I grew up.

Where I grew up the pizza delivery guy was the local dealer

That’s the safest way.

■■■■ Amazon. They are an enemy of the United States and anyone who does business with them is complicit in the destruction of small businesses that are the foundation of local communities. That said, pot should be legalized but that’s a totally different subject. Let me repeat myself… ■■■■ Amazon!

And drone reception?

This is great news! The chief concern shouldn’t be what you’ve ingested in 30 days, but is twofold:

Do you seem intoxicated at this time? and, maybe in reverse order,

How qualified for and willing to do the job are you?

Some with health problems that fail to respond to much else shouldn’t be penalized for being THC+ in the drug screen. More companies should follow in this direction.

Sorry, can’t agree.

Amazon isn’t destroying them—at least not entirely.

Some of these small businesses shoot themselves in the foot through poor quality and high prices. Since COVID 19, both lockdowns that never should have been legal, and restrictive terms for doing business upon opening up have sent customers to big business.

Am in total support of Amazon for opening the door to marijuana users.