Amazon demands in-person voting for union election

The world’s largest online retailer said that a mail election raised the risk of fraud and the coercion of workers. It also said the process would depress turnout, arguing that as many as 29% of its more than 5,800 employees eligible to vote wouldn’t do so or would return incorrectly completed ballots.

Amazon Requests In-Person Union Vote in Covid-Plagued Alabama |

Should union elections have to meet higher standards of credibility that state and federal elections?

Should Amazon be removed from social media platforms for questioning the validity of mail-in ballots?


Amazon does not want its employees to unionize so they make it harder to vote.


Right out of the Republican playbook


It will be interesting to see how the Bezos-owned Washington Post will respond to Amazon challenging mail-in ballots. I expect that the response will be total silence.

Hypocrite nature that we come to expect from certain political group.


Amazon executives is not a “political group”.

Vote by mail “raises concerns about privacy, as citizens voting at home may be under pressure to vote for certain candidates, and it increases the risk of fraud.” --Carter-Baker Commission Report 2005, p. 35

Building Confidence in U.S. Elections (

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Voting in person during the “scamdemic” posed no difficulty for those who wanted to. I would be willing to bet those Amazon employees wanting to vote to organize their labor will be required to show an employee ID or prove who they are!


So what…beside are you saying unionization isn’t political?

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Is an ID required to be a US Citizen?

Because and ID is required to be an Amazon employee…

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Well, my US passport verifies my American citizenship. But to your point; what exactly is your point?

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Is your passport required to be a us citizen? Amazon requires an ID to be an employee…

So your analogy fails.

If you leave the country upon return yes, you’ll need to prove your citizenship.


I see…more insults. Is that all you have when you unable to debate? For Christ’s sake you’re suppose to be attorney.

And secondly…you don’t get to decide what words I choose to use. Libs lost that right coon ages ago.

Comprende…or I’m I use that word wrong too?

It is amazing that they reported it all. Of course, they left out charges of sedition and insurrection associated with their earlier reporting about questioning the credibility of mail-in voting and calls for election audits.

157 law deans denounce insurrection and attempt to decertify election – but don’t name names - The Washington Post

What happens to the Sedition Caucus? - The Washington Post

But you don’t need it to be a citizen…

Again your analogy fails…

Apparently you don’t understand what personal attack is. Tis tis…

Not at all. It’s news.

The rest of your post made no sense, so I’m not going to waste time with it.

it’s pretty well known now how easy it is for mail-ins to lead to manipulation and fraud