Alyssa Milano protests the NRA surrounded by armed guards

According to who?

Words have actual meanings, so do phrases.

Lets start with the sign outside every school in the district I live in that states it is a gun free zone…even though every school has an armed SRO.

Let’s see the signs.


This just shows the complete ignorance/stupidity of the gun huggers in this country.

No matter how many times you tell dumb ■■■■■ like the guy in the video or those that admire him that people can support responsible gun ownership and use, while still trying to argue for the improvement of gun laws and the enforcement of existing laws they just can’t ■■■■■■■ grasp it.

If a high school kid can’t run down to the store during lunch and buy an ar-15 then ■■■■■■■■ like him and his supporters just can’t sleep easy at night.

You have lazy idiots making your signs then.

The argument from the NRA and 2nd Amendment advocates was that we should eliminate gun free zones by providing adequate numbers of SRO’s and/or armed faculty and staff and you folks went ballistic over it.

We never argued that where same was to be found is considered a gun free zone.

Now, look closely at your sign.

Do you see the word “violators”?

Authorized armed staff, SRO’s, and security are not violating.

Gimme a ■■■■■■■ break.

They called it a gun free zone. Deal with it.

Have you only recently crawled out from under your rock? I have to ask because you certainly have no grasp of what my side has been arguing for over the last several decades.

We’ve been arguing For better security, enforcement of existing laws, and improving/passing new laws regarding reporting for years.

Whoever “They” are may have, we certainly haven’t.

Unfortunately, they are the ones that get to determine that status.

Well then “They” are lazy idiots. It isn’t gun free if it’s crawling with guns.

Of course you have… As long as a high schooler can go out on lunch time and buy an ar-15.

Your side is full of ■■■■ Rose.

I really can’t help it if you can’t stand to live with the facts.

Federal law requires you be a minimum of 18 to purchase long guns.

No ■■■■ Sherlock. And that is one of the laws I was speaking about in my first post that brought on your first ridiculous reply about crawling out from under a rock.

You just keep on trying there buddy.

What percentage of high schoolers are 18 or older?

Now had you not only recently crawled out from under a rock somewhere you’d know that I would be perfectly fine raising the age of majority to 21 or even 25.

Just imagine how we could reduce deaths on the roads and highways if we didn’t allow teens to drive either.

Okay fine, I’m glad to here it chief.

So if you agree there are changes that can be made then why the ■■■■ come at me with that first post and all this ■■■■■■■■ about being under a rock?

You have serious issues dude.

Because I was responding to this.

He, I, and we have been advocating for changes for decades and you come out with the above.

We’ve discussed in the greatest possible detail proposed changes that could have a huge impact on the incidence of mass shootings and their outcomes in literally hundreds of threads over the last decade but you come storming in here blindly with a vultarity laden tirade claiming otherwise obviously without the first clue as to what you are talking about.

You want civility, be civil.

Why shouldn’t she be afforded the same right as Pence (armed guards making sure that no one blows her away and everyone else is disarmed while she’s arguing her point/protesting/attempting to force change)? It’s not like there aren’t a zillion guns at the ready while she’s arguing.

It’s bad optics but the real shame is people like her (and Pence) have to pretty much have armed Battalions at all times. In America. In 2018.

I could understand it if this was Columbia.

So this genio that you are praising for wanting change decides his best move at the rally is to troll Alyssa Milano instead of getting up to the mic and sharing all of your brilliant ideas with the people?

lol - And you approve of his moronic decision instead of realizing what a stupid waste of time it was as well as being completely disingenuous given your claimed stance.

Go shovel it somewhere else Rose, if you have all these brilliant productive ideas you claim start showing up at the rally’s and grab a mic.