Alyssa Milano protests the NRA surrounded by armed guards

This is a public space.

Makes about as much sense as convention attendees cheering Donald for criticizing gun-free zones…after the venue was made a gun-free zone.

We did that one already.

Inconsistency never goes out of style.

Why disarm all those good guys with guns?

That may be the best advertisement for the 2nd. Thanks Alyssa.

Typical Hollywood/NY/DC leftwing elitist.

The venue was never turned gun free. I attended Friday and Today with zero issues carrying legally.

Because the Secret Service wants to be able to keep a full staff.

Did you attend the VP or the Presidents speeches?

Those sections of the event most certainly gun free…well, except the Secret Service.

Guess all those good guys with guns just couldn’t be trusted under those circumstances.

Clarify what you mean.

No, they absolutely were not gun free. There were over a hundred armed agents at both events.

How long do you think the SS would be able to keep more than a handful of suicidal agents if they didn’t disarm the crowds surrounding their protectees?

Hell they nearly stroked out of the Bush’s and Cheney hunting with friends and armed guides and handlers. To even be in the same pasture with them armed you had to go through a background check and interview process more rigorous than is requires for a TS clearance.

You know what he meant.

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Hell, I even said as much in the post he responded to.

It’s mind boggling sometimes.

Did you not post this?

Are you seriously suggesting that government agents (military, LEO, or otherwise) carrying guns into a venue but forbidding ordinary citizens from doing so means it is not a gun free zone?

Yes, except for the hundreds of armed agents and police it would have been a “gun free zone”.

Let’s examine the two key words.



What do you have when you put the two together?

The absence of guns. Correct?

A school is considered a gun free zone, even with the presence of an SRO, so I’m not sure what they hell you are harping on about.

My god man.

There’s your typical game of parsing, and then there’s just silliness.

But yes, you are absolutely right. Government agents had guns in that venue, therefore it was NOT a gun free zone. :roll_eyes: