All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one

Why would the Trumps refuse to recite the Apostle’s Creed? Text was provided.

Good ol’ Trump. Stickin’ it to the libz at the swamp creature’s funeral.

That’s why he’s so popular.


He has his little wine and his little cracker, what’s he need with a prayer?

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Why would anyone care?

Maybe a better question is whether or not those who recited it did it because they believe it, or if they did it for show.

The real “show” would be to see who has actually recited it enough on a regular basis such that they could recite it without a cue card.


Fat donald is so Christian like, even the Muslim was reciting the ‘The Apostles’ Creed’


I usually just shrug off Trump’s behavior but for some reason this really upsets me.

How I wish he could show some class.

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waiting for 2 corinthians to make his move? But seriously- everybody else is reading it from the booklet that was provided. Why would he opt out?

My guess? His exhausted his limited attention span by then, and Melania played along.

Yeah…I’m not super into token recitation of creeds of belief. If he doesn’t believe it, he shouldn’t quote it.

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Jimmy Carter was using the “cue card”.

Maybe he doesn’t know the Apostles Creed

Trump sat for part of the Bush funeral in angry, arms-folded position, didn’t sing hymns or do recitations with the rest of the congregation, and failed the hand-on-heart challenge.

2 corinthians




But he is so Christian! Extra Christian, really.

If a Democrat had done that AM radios would have self destructed across the nation.


Not well enough to recite it without it!

Kinda like the pledge of allegiance?

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Oh yeah? I didn’t watch the funeral and I don’t watch the news.

This thread and the issue raised in it is another example of Trump Derangement.

Really. Has there ever been another state funeral where people watched to see who says which prayers?

Exactly like

No one, child or adult, should feel compelled to recite any prayer, oath, affirmation, pledge etc. that they don’t willingly feel compelled to recite.

I see no problem with the Trumps remaining silent.

This is not an issue for me, nor do I care “why” they remained silent.

Booklets were provided. See OP.