All the presidents at the Bush funeral service together recited this core prayer. Except one

Trump’s as Christian as I am Klingon.

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10 apostles creeds

You think trump and his wife didn’t recite the prayer because of their belief system? Come on, Lou.

And ???

He doesn’t believe in God, the Father Almighty? And in Jesus Christ, his only son?

Evangelicals are not going to like this.

This is rather funny.


I saw Fat Donald paging through his booklet.

At one point he was way in the Back of the booklet while everyone else was at the Front of the booklet.

I felt he was maybe looking for the pages he could color?


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Trump was brought to us by God.


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He came.

He fulfilled every request the Bush family made.

This is 1,087th on the list of things to get on him for.

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You are going to say that the deeply religious Jimmy Carter doesn’t know the Apostles Creed

Hey… fun fact… different churches use slightly different wording for standards.

Example… the Presbyterian church that I grew up in used “debts and debtors” in the Lord’s Prayer

Whenever I would go into another’s church I would read along to make sure that there was no disrespect.

The President didn’t even read along.

What does that say about his respect?

I agree with this 100%.

I am just laughing at the CEC and it’s lackeys that if this was a Democrat they would talk about this for at least two weeks and then constantly reference back to it in code like their own Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

I’m telling you, he just lost interest.

I think, seriously, if the Apostle’s Creed was a mantra to making money, gobs and gobs of money, then Fat Donald and Melania might have felt compelled and or motivated to not remain silent.

I think their “belief system” has little room for or is at all geared towards religious expressions except as is needed to trick particular demographics into thinking they are the best things since sliced bread and toasters to toast the bread in.

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Well yeah, that’s true.

Luckily he didn’t wear a tan suit.

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Apollo Creed was a loser who should have been friends with Ivan Drago.


Just like the plagues on Egypt, in the Old Testament?

I tend to agree.

  1. He came.

2 He was seen.

3 He kept his mouth shut.

One out of three is a huge win with Fat Donald.


Tan suit, feet on desk, Dijon mustard, attended the wrong church, coffee cup salute, not holding his own umbrella, wife in sleeveless dress…

Why would anyone care?


Yeah, Donald came off looking much more genuine than those fakers reading off a card pretending to honor a fellow president.