All religions (or lack thereof) are equally valid


King James Bible 1 Samuel 15:3
Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.

So the Israelites had to kill infants in order to protect themselves? Am I representing your view correctly?


I see you want more! Did Jesus anoint twelve Apostles? (Yes). Was one appointed to shepherd them? (Yes) Catholics follow this example of Christ’s to this day. The person following in Peter’s footsteps became known as Papa/Pope.


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Feel free to expand. God didn’t command the Israelites to kill infants?


Trying something new? :rofl:


Book, chapter, and verse?


Nonsense. If Peter had been a pope he would have certainly mentioned it in his writings as would the other Apostles. Instead there is nary a peep.

Most noncatholic christian biblical scholars say there were no pope until about 460- 470 AD.


If you truly know scripture better than Meri or me, then you don’t need me to point you to it. I know you’ve already heard which verses to which I am referring.


Couldn’t think of anything new to add. And a post has to have at least ten characters!


Someone is bound to point out that you just said you don’t give yes or no answers. might as well be me.



Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve been wrong. I can provide a list if you wish. The Catholic church has kept pretty good records oon the subject.


Good catch! Went right by me! :blush:


How do you see it? And why?


What did Peter write?

Non-Catholic biblical scholars are quibbling. Simply because the Church leader didn’t do all the things subsequent Church leaders did in the fifth century, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a church leader.


I guess I see it literally. God commanded. Why? That’s what the Bible says. Are we supposed to change what it says through interpretation? Are we to ascribe the command to the priests because we don’t think God would say that?


That is how modern man in a modern language interprets it. How do you suppose ancient man in an ancient language interpreted it? Which interpretation do you believe to be the more valid? As I said before, the 1 Samuel 15 passage did not match up with my own experience of God. Therefore I took the time to study history, culture, languages and what centuries of Rabbis have said.


It’s just a very strange for God to play isn’t it?


So if you don’t like what the Bible says you can recast what it says into something it doesn’t say?

Do you have any evidence that the priests misinterpreted God?


I see it as if you truly want to know God, don’t let anything–including what one thinks the Bible says–stand in your way. As I said, my experience didn’t match, so I did some investigating. Investigating and learning something I didn’t know before is not recasting. However, if you are satisfied with the information God is a Being who commands the slaughter of infants, no further investigation is needed.


In other words. Yes. Pick and choose don’t let the bible stand in your way