All of you libs who suddenly became deficit hawks. You were wrong

How about the facts in the rest of my post?
You dispute those?

i read it. the point is fairly self evident.

If they both suck, then why did you even create this thread? What was the point?

And come Nov 4th if Biden wins, there will be a rash of threads started on deficits and how terrible they are. Think of the grandchildren! And Fox News will start posting the debt clock again.

All those things that were important from Jan 20, 2009 through Jan 19, 2017 that miraculously vanished from Jan 20, 2017 through Jan 19, 2021 will re-emerge.


Both parties suck but let me defend Trump at every turn and bash Biden at every turn.

But believe me, both parties suck.


You don’t want to bicker about “who’s worse”…but your most detailed posts on the subject are regarding Democrats.


I thought Congress controlled spending.


Yes, they’re wrong, but I also think such people are rare, and I haven’t come across any. I doubt most Biden supporters claim (or even think) that he will reduce the debt. They’re not deficit hawks except to the extent that they can use Trumps deficits to poke sticks at Trump supporters. :man_shrugging:

I’ll say this. I never expected Trump to reduce the debt (never mind eliminate it in 8 years.) The political machinery wouldn’t have let him even if he had tried.

Gee golly, I guess Trump has no influence at all, just an innocent bystander.


DEEP STATE strikes again. :rofl: :joy:

Man, I had no idea Trump was so useless.

I don’t dispute that both parties suck regarding the national debt. Bickering about who sucks the most is pointless. I simply pointed out that the Biden “deficit hawks” were wrong. When they claimed that we need tax increases to reduce the national debt. There is no Biden plan for debt reduction.

There is no Trump plan for debt reduction either.
In fact it’s much worse than the last few Obama years, so I’ll go with Biden.
What have I got to lose?

You have nothing to lose but your money. Your people claimed that Biden needed to increase taxes to reduce the debt. They were wrong. He has no plan to do this. So why would anybody be stupid enough to support a tax increase?

except this time they will be ignored as the charlatans they are

Where has The current occupant of the White House…has done anything to shrink the size of government

I do not believe this to be true…What Liberals want is someone who is going to tackle the issues, and tackle spending. Whether Biden is that guy…I don’t know? one thing is for sure, Trump is not


My money did well enough in the Obama years to allow me to retire in my 50’s. Deficits in the last years were lower than Trump’s first years even before the pandemic.
Trump’s been the King of Debt (which he’s bragged about) all his adult life and he’s proving it as “President”.

Spending bills originate in Congress.

Start acting like a team.

Absolutely the President needs to sign on.


Because to focus solely on taxes is a narrow approach that has been getting us into trouble and has trapped us in a repeated cycle for 30-40 years of the GOP messing up the economy and eroding the commons for short term gain, to the point where the overall potential for standard of living increases in the future has been greatly diminished.

This has been masked by both the public and private sectors…indeed all sectors of society…taking on increasing amounts of debt in order to maintain the illusion of good times continuing.

COVID didn’t wreck the economy.

COVID exposed its structural defects that had been masked for decades.

Where has anyone said he did? What I said was that you so called “deficit hawks” said that we need higher taxes to bring down the debt. You were wrong. There is no plan to use the Biden tax increase to bring down the debt. Simple as that.

You are over thinking this.

In the last 40 years only two presidents have reduced the deficit during their terms in office.

Neither of them were conz. If history is any indication, don’t believe conz about deficits. History says you have a better odds with a Democrat if deficit reduction is your goal.