Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Capitol Hill staff and interns need "living wage"


So much vitriol being expressed in this thread for this young lady.


“There are times I wonder why I bother with politics knowing some of the sleazy crap that goes on.”

Sounds like an addiction. Some times it’s better to just breathe and walk away.


What college did she go to again?? I need to make sure my kids don’t apply there.


These grown men are scared of her and her message.


Thanks for the link, although it didn’t really answer my question. All of that sounds nice on paper but never works as advertised when put in practice. In life as with government there is almost always (if not always) winners and losers. Look at the ACA, sure some benefitted but most did not and some werre much worse off. Look at education, the costs of which have outpaced the costs of healthcare. I have to laugh at the the affordable housing comment here since it is in the liberal states that have the most unaffordable housing. Also there is no garuntee that the heavy taxation of the rich will produce the revenue some believe it will.

But I digress, the problem in states like NJ is that the cost of living, higher education, and taxation have economically weakened the middle class. I didn’t see anything in there that would relieve the tax burden on the middleclass on the contrary the notion of “free” preschool would be another big tax increase on homeowners.


That’s not true. Medicare has worked for millions. A ton of those people are Trump Republicans.


It’s always funny to me whenever the “tax the rich” meme rears it’s head from these people. Oregon suffered similar memory problems when they tried to pass a ballot measure initiating a sales tax (they called it a corporate tax, but it was a tax on sales, not profits.) on companies they had previously given sweetheart deals to to win them into the State. Most of the State’s tax revenue comes from individual taxes, not corporate taxes, but the corporations that get those sweetheart deals hire thousands of people who pay individual income taxes. When Corporations were given the prospect of higher taxes, many simply looked at leaving the State which would have not only dried up any revenue from the Corporation itself, but also the revenue from each and every one of their employees who had been paying taxes while working in Oregon. They think they have these brilliant ideas but can’t see the bigger picture half the time. Almost like they get blinded by dollar signs or something.


It’s funny. Why dont employers get better income and run their businesses better so that they can afford better wages? It’s never their fault. Always the lazy worker poor scum’s fault.


So why are people’s panties in a bunch… All she said was people should get paid


Shes a young Hispanic woman


Oh, your kids would love it in Boston.


We don’t believe in that kind of stuff in 'Murica.


You guys are flat out desperate for someone to replace Hillary.


Evidently everything she says is socialist.


Simple question. Is she smart, or not??

Don’t let the glasses fool you.


Dude, you just voted for a dumb ass who doesn’t read.


I’ve seen you all gang attack many people on this board who aren’t in Congress, yet have more informed opinions than this idiot.

Admit it, you all just want to make her into a victim. It’s already been done in this thread.


Plus this woman is 28 years old and you have grown men attacking her… Sheesh this can’t be the new Republican party


I think a lot of people are still trying to figure out why Republican media and posters here are attacking a freshman, and as you put it unknowledgeable, Congress person. She obviously threatens you guys in some way shape or form.


See? You’re so desperate to find a New Democratic face to fixate on that you’re picking a dark horse winner for a meaningless House seat, a twentysomething bartender who isn’t even in office yet.