Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Capitol Hill staff and interns need "living wage"


I don’t view pointing out reality as mocking. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on that.


This classy, intelligent lady seems destined to hold a higher office than she is currently about to hold.


Don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of the thinking that all that needs to be done is grab some more money out of the magical pot.

I also knew exactly what I was saying with that remark about decreasing staff. If she thinks that is such a great idea she can lead the charge.


When I read ■■■■ like that I just shake my head.


Okay, fine. But why so hostile and mocking of the idea when she said it?


How about cutting the pay of under-worked Congressional members? How about giving up a few of those paid days off they get. Oct 4, 2018: The number of Days Congress Works in Session a Year? The House of Representatives has averaged 138 “legislative days” a year since 2001, according to records kept by the Library of Congress. That’s about one day of work every three days, or fewer than three days a week. Never happen. They are entitled. Part of the deplorables.


$80,000 is “meager”? :rofl:

This post is elitist garbage. Why do you hate poor people?

My guess is most people in that range voted for Clinton.


I like it.


Because I have a feeling once she gets her little socialist self into the job, she’s going to find it’s not that simple.


The establishment left is going after her more than the conservatives, because they know the GOP wants to put her as the face of the Democratic Party and there not having it.


This is going to be so exciting! I can’t wait until her idealism meets real worldism. It’s going to be fun to watch the girl grow up.


That really doesn’t explain the hostility and mocking at all.


You keep using the word mocking. Please show the class where this “mocking” occured.


Who says I need to explain anything to you?

I don’t think pointing out she hasn’t clue 1 about the reality of staffing and issues she may not have even considered since she hasn’t even begun the work of putting together a staff or figured out how she is going to budget for them plus her other expenses while berating long standing members of Congress, is mocking.

It’s pointing out the reality she has yet to face and indicating she may not be up to the challenge based on her past comments.


Right? I wish I made $80k/year. :roll_eyes:


You really should learn to read.


lol - Well, you’re the one that doesn’t have clue 1 about what she knows or does not know, and as I said your ridiculous going off like this based on an article written by someone quoting one tweet from her is pathetic.

But also as I said, you and your Ocasio derangement buddies have and can continue to have a ball over this absolute nothing burger.


Pretty sure I know more about how the .gov works from the inside having worked for them for 20+ years than some bartender from New York.

But y’all continue to be in awe and impressed with the little princess. I will continue to giggle at her shenanigans.

As is my right to do. :blush:


You worked for 20 years on the hill? That’s impressive.


You know better than that. I do however have more gov experience than she does as to the way some of the insider crap works, and being in elected officer positions within the party gives me some insight into the inner working of that also.

There are times I wonder why I bother with politics knowing some of the sleazy crap that goes on.