Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: Capitol Hill staff and interns need "living wage"


Smart or not??

And we all know you’d be all over a conservative showing this much stupidity in public. Why sugarcoat things.

I’m happy to have her show how stupid people with her opinions are. It’s like a walking, talking billboard for idiocy.


Meh she joined Congress and should expect it. You need thick skin in politics


You voted in a guy for president who doesn’t even know how government works at its most basic level. Spare me.


So like bluedog asked, why are your panties in a bunch… All she said was people should get paid.


Only the wealthy should have the opportunity to be part of governance.



I see you refuse to answer whether or not you think she’s smart. I don’t blame you, and I understand why.


How about the new Gov. of Illinois?? No problem with that??


That is :100: exactly what I said. Good job.


I understand that and there are times I think the same way, however, I tell myself that if those of us who wish to change things don’t actually do anything and just walk away in frustration, things will NEVER change. Therefore I keep my elected positions and continue doing what I can. :blush:


She said people should get paid a “living wage”. That is the crux of it. That is very subjective and open to interpretation as to what that would be. That is always going to stick in the craw of people particularly the one’s who will be paying this so called “living wage” (the taxpayers).


Sure they did. She calls herself a Democratic Socialist and you guys exploded with hype.


80K is great where I live.



Yeah, but we don’t have to worry about nit-picking exact numbers to start a conversation, right?

I think it’s wrong in America, that someone with a job like a Congressional staffer, or any job actually, should have to work second or third jobs to pay normal expenses for the area they live in.

Is that your idea of a great America? Where people have to work 2 or 3 jobs to pay their bills and save a little bit?


She sounds really informed. One thing though, isn’t it Gary Cohn??


And there are places 80K won’t go too far. When I retire I won’t have any choice but to move away from NJ. Which, when you think about it, doesn’t sound all that bad.


It was in response to a Freshman orientation that is supposedly bipartisan but is put on by Koch supporting corporate interests.


yup, i hope she continues she continues pointing out these things (the healthcare, interns, these “orientation”)


I hope she keeps pointing out things too. It’s like seeing through a child’s eyes. Well, an adult with the mental capacity of a child, but stil…