Alcohol Detection Systems Will Now Be Mandatory In All New Vehicles

How we feeling about this? Is this infringing on freeberty or we good?

I’m curious as to whether or not one would be able to override it.

There could be potentially an emergency situation that would require one to have to get behind the wheel even after having a few pops.

Great question, I doubt it but I don’t know

Personally I’m surprised we haven’t seen more “outrage” over this but maybe it’s too early

Well imagine if you are at a holiday party and you get a distressing phone call - your child is in trouble; there is nobody else to come get them. You’d take your chances with a DUI if it meant saving your loved one.

I agree my understanding though is that even if that was the case now if a cop pulled you over intoxicated on the way to said emergency your getting arrested

You’d take your chances w/ getting pulled over too

Not blowing into some tube every time I want to go somewhere.


I am fine with this.

It is akin to child proof caps on some OTC medicines. Not difficult to get around. Could stop the novice drunk with poor judgement.

Better idea than throwing tax money at electric vehicles.

So if the car says I can drive and then get in a wreck and it is determined I was over the limit who is responsible?

Seems the car manufacturers would have a problem with this.


You won’t. This is some bad reporting.

It’s mandating passive monitoring systems to detect impairment. This tech is already available in some luxury cars.

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Also wonder how this will work with self-driving cars.

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Good point. What about other substances of impairment?


So elderly operators could be denied ignition.


Not liking the idea as much.

Hey don’t dock the local news team reports!

It’s there…

“KEA Technologies in Marlboro is just one of several working on the advanced impaired driving technology. The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) program uses infrared sensors mounted on the dashboard and door that register a driver’s breath and touch sensors that capture blood alcohol levels in the skin and the results the company says only take a second.”

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OK. Alcohol only. Any narcotic would be better.

You’d probably have to find your own work around. No excuse is going to allow for driving drunk.

Won’t buy a car with this system for a while because I probably can’t fix it myself.

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The interesting part is cars collecting personal data brave new world

How does it stop you from drinking once the car starts and you are on the road?


What if no workaround is available ?