Alamaba sign law allow private church to have its own police force

someone has to protect them from those spooky gay people.

An Alabama megachurch plans to start its own police force thanks to a new law permitting the church to do just that.

The law, signed by Gov. Kay Ivey, authorizes Briarwood Presbyterian to “appoint and employ one or more suitable persons to act as police officers to protect the property of the school or academy.”

A similar bill was proposed four years ago, but it was dropped by the Alabama legislature amid a public outcry over the Presbyterian Church in America’s racist history, as well as criticism that the bill was unconstitutional and violated the Establishment Clause’s separation of church and state. Briarwood Presbyterian is part of the PCA.

Briarwood Presbyterian’s congregation is overwhelmingly white. Nearby Birmingham is two-thirds black

Who’s paying the officers salary/benefits, the church or the taxpayers ?

Can’t wait for the reaction when a mosque follows suit.


Meh… we have this in NYC.

It is pretty much a glorified neighborhood watch.

It does okay… there was this one time when the Hasidic Shomrim beat a black gay dude to within an inch of his life.

No one cared about that.

Muslims doing a Neighborhood watch… that was national news and proof of “creeping sharia “ ( my favorite fake 90’s grunge band by the way)

If the church or its membership is paying for the police force, I have absolutely zero problem with this. REGARDLESS of the church or its membership’s motives in doing so.

Now if the outside community or the State is paying for this, that would be a different question entirely.

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There is a Muslim Community Patrol already… in my neighborhood.

Nationally the usual suspects have lost their ■■■■■

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If I can ask a silly question, what’s the difference between this and a security guard besides the name? Does the “police force” have the right to use weapons as law enforcement?

On a barely related note, I was by a VA hospital yesterday and a cruiser marked “Police Veterans Affairs” drove by me. I thought it odd that they would have cruisers.

It’s hard to get that light-bar on a golf cart. And when they do, it sucks the batteries dry. Thus the cruisers.

I’ve seen those (cruisers not golf carts) at two VA’s. Long Beach and Salt Lake City.

These cops will have the same powers as normal cops…its not the same

The question how they are paid doesn’t matter much. If they have the same powers as cops, then it’s a problem.

How is it any different than the campus police employed and run by many universities? And wouldn’t permitting secular schools to have them and denying them to religious schools be religious discrimination on the part of government?

So what?

Why? The precedence is set.

Oh look, religious school with a police department, everyone panic.

Many universities also have their own PD. Been like this for as long as I’ve worked in higher ed.

The power to arrest…

Depends on how the law is written.

Example, in utah Brigham Young University has a post certified police force on campus. They have to follow the same rules and regulations as any police force in the state. They tried to claim they were exempt from GRAMMA (ability for citizens to request reports and such), and were refusing to release information. Legislature this last session passed a law specifing that any police agency certified by POST is subject to that law. So now BYU has a choice. Come into compliance, or have their department de-certifed (basically become security guards).

Why? As long as they are not exempt from any policy, proceedures, rules of any certified police agency there isn’t a problem in my opinion.

BYU in Utah has their own police force as well.