Alamaba sign law allow private church to have its own police force

The Hasidic Shomrim act under color of law with City and NYPD resources. They have gotten into some real trouble a few times… most notably roughing up and harassing people that they don’t think should be in their neighborhood.

I am not arguing that this is ideal… only that it isn’t really a new thing.

I am okay with this as long as the following conditions are met:

They stay on their property and don’t leave to arrest people
There is periodic oversight

Power can go to people’s heads, and they need to know that someone is watching them.

My question as well. I don’t see the big deal here if that’s what this is. Surprised it needed legislation.

The CNN story in the OP needs more details.

To Canadian Judo or a mod, the thread title has an obvious spelling error that should be fixed.

Sounds like the same sort of small campus police forces that most big universities have.

With a 2000 student campus this is probably a smart move just in case of a crazy random shooter or something similar.

Every citizen in Alabama has that power.

from What is the law (simplified) for Alabama citizens to detain/arrest another? - Alabama Criminal Law Questions & Answers - Justia Ask a Lawyer

Section 15-10-7 of the Code of Alabama reads as follows:

Arrests by private persons.

(a) A private person may arrest another for any public offense:

(1) Committed in his presence;

(2) Where a felony has been committed, though not in his presence, by the person arrested; or

(3) Where a felony has been committed and he has reasonable cause to believe that the person arrested committed it.

(b) An arrest for felony may be made by a private person on any day and at any time.

(c) A private person must, at the time of the arrest, inform the person to be arrested of the cause thereof, except when such person is in the actual commission of an offense, or arrested on pursuit.

(d) If he is refused admittance, after notice of his intention, and the person to be arrested has committed a felony, he may break open an outer or inner door or window of a dwelling house.

(e) It is the duty of any private person, having arrested another for the commission of any public offense, to take him without unnecessary delay before a judge or magistrate, or to deliver him to some one of the officers specified in Section 15-10-1, who must forthwith take him before a judge or magistrate.

Your state too, most likely.

Citizens Arrest…Citizens Arrest! Ever see the old Andy Griffith episode with the citizens arrest of Barney Fife? :smile:

Then why the need for a police force for this church?

Judo I see nothing in your linked article to show gay folk, black folk or anyone specific is a target.

Can you show me proof of this? Personally I’m cool with houses of worship training their own security in the wake of events like the shooting in the Bible study in SC.

It’s a typical lib smear. Ignore it.

I disagree. I don’t think that there a many mass killings done by gays.