Alabama mayor keeping it classy

Alabama mayor defends social media comments on killing homosexuals, transgender people and Democrats. His first response when questioned? “I don’t think I posted that. I think that’s somebody else’s post,” he said.

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He must be getting ready to start his campaign for the Senate. Hard to get your name out there in the hateosphere when you might be competing against Roy Moore.


What exactly is the point of this thread?

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Republicans == bad.

It’s the daily outrage thread.


LOL, Democrats? Things are really weird in America right now. Calling for the execution of your political opponents…

Silly Conan

Alabama = bad

Why you have to make it partisan when it’s a state issue?


I’m sure the good people of Carbon Hill Alabama will not elect this Mayor again, right?

There are stupid people out there who are elected officials.

its not only alabama, its every state, in the senate, in the house, in the white house.


they almost elected a known teen girl chaser. they will elect this guy in a heart beat.


The point of this thread is to bring attention the extreme positions being taken by Republican elected officials and the absence of any rebuke from within the Republican Party.

This has been characterized as an “outrage thread”. I would propose that when a person becomes aware that someone is proposing that they be murdered that outrage might be an appropriate response. Perhaps acquiring an AR-15 an an open carry permit would be a more appropriate response though.


If you do not know the point, you are likely part of the problem…


I wonder if Republicans will re-elect him or stand against his hate speech and vote him out?

It’s their town, right? Nancy Pelosi keeps getting reelected. What do I care if she believes in Santa Clause or not? Not my district, more power to them.

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I would imagine reelected because people in general do not like to be told how to live, who to like, and how to think. So they lash out by doing something contrary to those demands.

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yeah I guess, If it was Dover, he be run out on the rails.


Hmmm, most normal people would revile someone calling for the death of homosexuals. Is that all right to do or should we just nod our heads and say, “Each to their own.”?


I am guessing to discuss this Alabama mayor and his comments on social media.

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Bigots gotta bigot.

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for those who dont know the idiom.


What I’m trying to say is that it’s their town. Consider this. Maybe they don’t like the idea put forth. But realistically speaking it isn’t going to happen, but the people there will more than likely give him a pass because they dislike others more.

Take the 2016 election for example. Remember the mobs that would block roadways to stop people from going to a trump rally or even? They pretty much gave Trump a pass on anything he says because those people are disliked more.