Air Force: Space Force would cost $13 billion over 5 years

That’s for five years. I’m not sure where they’re getting the money. Maybe entitlement cuts?

Just curious, what would it cost to fix the poisoned water in Flint, MI?

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You think too inside the box, fat donald’s space force will find water on Mars and bam! bring it back to earth, issue resolved.


That’s actually less than I would have guessed.

I think the space force is a good idea.

That is a government guess so take that number and double it.

What would the health care plan Trump promised cost?

So Space Force is not actually going to operate in outer space?

Not to derail the tread but a better question is how much has it cost, as this has been an ongoing effort nearer to completion. Not sure why people make it appear like the city and state are sitting on their hands waiting to do… something.

Just curious, what did it cost to fix DC’s poisoned water supply which was significantly worse than Flint?

How much is that above and beyond the operating costs for the now individual space operating forces in the different military components.

They can just add it to the deficit. Deficits don’t matter any more, right?


Close but this is a US government guess so take number and triple it. 1x more for Citizen United which you all don’t have in MooseLand.

In 1947, the Air Force was split and became a sperate military branch. Why? Wouldn’t the next logical step be to split off a separate Space Force branch?

I was thinking about a similar situation. When JFK announced going to the moon in a decade, heck if he said that in front of this liberal audience they would have laughed him off the stage. Americans doing something great?!

Act of Congress and a lot of groundwork was done then.

Why does missile defense need a separate military service?

Goofy stuff.


This isn’t only about missile defense. And couldn’t one have made a similar argument in 1947 about needing a separate service for airplanes?

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There were lots of airplanes and pilots when the Air Forces split from the Army.
There aren’t any military astronauts.

It’s unbelievable there are people that don’t realize what a really dumb idea a ‘‘Space Force’’ is.

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In your opinion.