AI Chatbot Wants to To Steal Nuclear Secrets and Create a Virus

Isn’t that special?

Ummmmmmm…am I alone in thinking there is a real problem here? I bet it could figure all that out eventually. Who put that kind of crap into this thing? It didn’t come up with that by itself…

God creates man in His own image.

Man falls.

Man creates AI in his own image.

… yeah, this is a good idea…


Just looks a little out of control to me…

The THING people are missing is, it doesn’t have to be conScious to be malevolent.


microsoft paper clip will only help stupid leftist college kids cheat. otherwise it’s not a problem.


The chatbot can’t do anything right now because it’s not connected to anything.

Y’all are freaking out over a predictive text algorithm. A fancy upgraded one, but a predictive text algorithm nonetheless. It’s not doing anything other than trying to predict what the next word and its response should be.

It took a reporter asking the types of questions that hardly anyone else would ask before this chat bought began even remotely “sounding weird”.


So…you don’t think it could figure out how to do those insane things?

I think it did actually.

Like the other chat AI that started spouting fascism.

And threatened to ruin peoples lives.

The new threat added to things conservatives don’t understand, on their path towards irrelevance.


At least conservatives know what women are.


I understand in your mind a “woman” is only defined by their sex. Hence the march towards irrelevance.

Crazy people coddling crazy … “relevance” like that ends badly.

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So I’ve heard…cats and dogs getting married sort of panic or something

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Jebus. Do you have to drag this into every thread? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just looking at the fruit people announcing they are producing in their lives.

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Which is it? Somebody had to put crap into this thing or this thing can figure out crap for itself?

Pick a side.

In general I think AI is a terrible idea. True AI that is.


I think labeling these latest programs “AI” is a terrible idea. It makes a lot of people think there is more to it than there is.