AI Chatbot Wants to To Steal Nuclear Secrets and Create a Virus

If they wanted to mimic the human condition they should try to produce Wally rather than Asok anyway. Call it AL for artificial lazy.

With a predictive text algorithm?

No…it couldn’t figure out how to do those things.

It’s not Skynet.

I’ll repeat…as weird as the responses look…all the Chatbot is doing…ALL it is doing…is analyzing the question asked it and predicting what its response should be.

To the question being asked.

Yes it did come up with those things by itself. That’s what artificial neural networks do.

They are dependent upon inputs and training, but they create their own answers.

By definition it is an artificial intelligence system, because it operates via a neural network, and does a lot of things that in the past could only have been done by human intelligence.

And must we always cater to the lowest common denominator of knowledge?

Is there to be no expectation placed upon people to try and learn all they can about things before commenting on them?

Not to be too cutesy…. But that’s not a whole lot different than 90% of the population.


For me that’s the unnerving thought…how much of what humans themselves say is nothing more than a neural network doing predictive language analysis?


Did you mean to…ah, never mind.


“The ability to speak does not make you intelligent. Now get out of here.” — Qui-Gon Jinn

Let’s not get carried away


No, good catch :+1:

You don’t, actually.

I’ll let you put your own spin on what I meant by that, knowing you’ll come up with the wrong reason.

As a woman I can tell you that if you were not born with female parts you can never be a woman.

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Just because a teeny percentage of the species has physical genetic or birth defects that doesn’t mean everything gets thrown out of the window.

Crazy is still crazy.

And while I’m not gonna lay crazy at Jay Jay’s feet, his side as they may be presently described is the bunch now dedicated to the proposition that anything goes in matters of gender … so it is darned odd to be lectured as if I who rejects all of that nonsense couldn’t know what a dude or a dudette was.


Well, so do incomplete idiots.

Complete idiots, on the other hand… :wink:

It takes an “education” to turn people into those. It’s why they want CRT in public schools.

At this rate, we’ll know who all the child predators and enablers are by the time the economy collapses.


So people born with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome aren’t women?


Take your .0001% and roll with that. Seems stupid to make the outliers the rule…

Sometimes it seems that the whole of progressivism has been advanced on the backs of hard cases and unsolvable situations.

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Y’all are ok with those percentages when it comes to election fraud.