AG Barr refuses to comply with congressional subpoena for testimony from John Gore

John Gore is a principal deputy assistant attorney general for the Justice Departments’s civil rights division. They’re saying they don’t want him to testify without an attorney but I think this is simply part of the Trump Administrations strategy to deny or refuse any requests by the Legislative Branch. They’re just gonna stonewall everything.

So what are the options for the legislature?

Wonder why Democrats don’t allow him to testify accompanied by an attorney?

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Or they don’t want a perjury trap. But, few care about the Mueller report, now. . Because, no collusion was the conclusion which ends the delusion…


Why do libs feel that everyone must bow down to their demands?

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That’s an easy one.

Just give him the same advice you’d give a guy in Chicago who stole a bottle of liquor. Tell him not to lie.

Honor and integrity.

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Oh the law libs will say…the law.

They very law they themselves ignore while demand others must follow.


How is this different from when Hillary Clinton testified on Capitol Hill?

Don’t people testify all the time? Or is this something special?

If a person gets a Congressional subpoena, the person MUST comply or face jail time and/or a hefty fine.

Why does this administration continually break laws?

2 words.

Eric Holder.


And they are allowed to have lawyers with them all the time. Why do Democrats not want to have a lawyer there? Are they afraid they won’t be able to interfere with someones rights?

It sounds like Barr is applying the Platte River Networks exception to Congressional subpoenas?

No it’s not something special, it’s par for the course and this “half true” headline is just another liberal “fake news” tactic. If you bother to read the article it’s clear that all they want is the common practice of an attorney present.

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Obama and holder are gone… Republicans were supposed to bring law and order & integrity back to the white house

Please stop preaching/lecturing us about law and order. Libs are in no position to do so.


It’s behind a paywall, so I didn’t read it. I just wanted to see if I was missing something.

Again trump and the republicans were supposed to bring great morals and standards back to the white house… Wha happened?

Anyone who pays attention knew that Donald Trump was going to bring corruption to the White House. That he was going to show politicians what real corruption looks like.

And he’s done so.

That his supporters excuse him is not any of our faults.

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Did you see what billy graham said recently? I think you mentioned it before… The religious right is full of ■■■■

Franklin? About Mayor Pete?