After declaring a National Emergency, Trump goes to Florida to golf?


And yet your comparison still fails


Anyone know if Trump is playing poker in the men’s locker room before his round this morning?


I didn’t realize that Obama is still the President.


One of Obama’s finest chit chats, was mocking one of Trump’s tweets about Obama. How the audience laughed at Obama’s comeback in which he ridiculed Trump’s chance of ever winning the election. Talk about having egg all over your face. As we all know, Trump won the election and has moved into the White House. People still going crazy as displayed by the daily TDS threads.


Did you not read the OP question? It asked what if Obama…I am responding.


And it still ignores Trump’s personal hypocrisy when it comes to Obama golfing and when it comes to getting down to work when there are problems to solve like he said he would.

If we’re in the middle of a real emergency and Invasion and Border crisis then why is the president golfing?

I did not vote for Obama either time, but it’s amazing to see Trump and his supporters not even hold Trump to the same standard they wanted Obama held.


In 2008 the world thought it was getting the black JFK. He turned out to be the black Bob Dole. A cypher. A hairdo. Hope he enjoys his golf.
He deserves it after that 8 yr con.


Yes, because expressing yourself in an articulate, intelligent manner is somehow not the sign of an ordered mind.



The absolute failure of the Obama administration stretched over eight years was nothing short of stellar, all the while sounding intelligent.


Huh. Such a failure…wonder how he was re-elected?


His most significant legacy is his successor, Donald Trump


I need more power to the deflector shields, Scotty!


Some people live in an alternate universe.


Maybe Obama will lend out his Nobel Peace Prize


Yes, deflect to Obama more! Please!


The OP question was, What if Obama… and now Obama is a deflection. Okay


After this stunt, I feel really bad for anyone who is still an undecided voter.


They OP said “Trump running off to golf after declaring a national emergency. Imagine if Obama had done this.”

It’s not a deflection to discuss if Obama had done this. It’s a deflection to blabber about his Nobel Peace Prize, or to try to liken the situation regarding the death of a journalist to Trump declaring a NATIONAL EMERGENCY BECAUSE OF AN INVASION ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER.

It’s a deflection because you aren’t making legitimate comparisons or staying on topic. You’re deflecting away from why our president is on vacay the very days after he declares an invasion is happening and he must declare emergency power to stop it.



You are claiming I am not making a legitimate comparison by comparing Obama’s actions after the beheading of Foley. I say I am.


Which national emergency did Obama declare regarding Foley just before he went and golfed?