After declaring a National Emergency, Trump goes to Florida to golf?


I’m sure a few of those illegals he’s railing against cleaned his clubs, made him a sandwich, mowed a lawn or two.


Repaired the green after he drove his cart onto it.


Great post.

Just heard a great quote.

To verify anything, check, double check, triple check.
If you are not doing that, you are part of the problem.
(referring to fact checking, especially on social media)

Also, think laterally,


I’ve been trying, lately, to follow this maxim “If I hear or see something that really resonates with me, I first assume it’s false and look for ways to debunk it”.

Not always successful, but it’s stopped me from commenting on things recently that I would have looked dumb commenting on.


Most people are just overbearing and selfish…the r or d next to them or even the I is irrelevant


Maybe Jack and Tiger can meet him at his course again this weekend. There’s not a national emergency going on or anything.


I voted for Obama and I thought calling him Golfer-in-Chief was pretty funny (mostly because I don’t see ordinary working folks ever go “golf” for a sport and it also seems pretty disconnected from the forgotten man).

I wonder why we don’t think it’s funny now, you know, just for continuity.


Come to think about it, don’t hear much about the forgotten man anymore either. They’ve been forgotten.


They’re being ginned up to forget their problems by being afraid of Scary Brown People, hate states that have recently changed their abortion laws, and wait with baited breath the latest reveal of Deep State Corruption.


Well of course you need the boogeyman, but also I’ve wondered why Obama was considered elitist but Trump isn’t. This thread is a pretty good example of that.

If Obama was elitist and out-of-touch because he golfed, then Trump doing it doesn’t excuse it because Obama did it—it should just mean that there are now two consequent Presidents who are out of touch. But doesn’t seem to work that way, does it? This is basic Socrates logic (“All men are mortal…”).

And don’t get me started on Teleprompter-in-Chief… that’s cool now.


I love to golf and always have. I don’t get to go but probably once a month now. If that. Too much life going on.

If I had a less stressful job with less responsibility, like president of the United States, I could probably golf more.


I heard Trump just made the turn. Not bad for a 11am tee time.




With 60 percent “Executive Time,” a simulator, and hundreds of outings, I’d be a single-digit handicap for sure if I were a President of Trump’s ilk.


And you are wrong. But you do have that right, in this country and on this forum.


He should be down on the border driving a squad car?


No. Should be at his resort, forcing the taxpayers to pad his bottom line while he golfs?


Ah, the old complaint about Obama warmed over for Trump. Wonder when the last time was that the opposition didn’t object to Presidents taking vacations.

Obviously, whether he golfs has nothing to do with whether we desperately need a border barrier constructed or not.


You didn’t answer the question. I’ll ask again. Should Trump be at his resort on the taxpayer dime golfing?