After all the whining and complaining, the Trump administration will not participate in Judiciary hearings

I guess we can dispense with all the protesting about not being allowed to provide their own defense in the “impeachment inquiry”. Has the administration given up on the “due process” argument?


The Senate will never convict so there is no point.


Pelosi and Schiff have kept actual issues out of the press.

You got that.


Shocking. Fake President.

Fat donald’s a coward. He should testify to set everything straight.


Now he’ll whine about not being represented in the hearings and the Always-Trumpers will eat it up.

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The call and halting aid was so “perfect” that the White House is unable or unwilling to send a lawyer down the street to explain the situation? The most transparent administration ever!


The headline should be “Fat donald lied about wanting to be involved inthe impeachment process”


Duly elected in 2016…

Please get on board. Thanks.


Fake President.


PAB President


It was reported that Trump was upset with the Congressmen who were critical of the process. He wanted them to be critical of the substance. At the same time Trump did both. But it was pretty obvious that he had convinced himself that he did nothing wrong.
So now if goes forward to the Senate he will have another chance to have himself represented.

Duly elected house in 2018 is about to impeach him…

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True but now we can mock trump supporters for being thrown under the bus again

Donny is guilty AF of what he is accused of doing, but as long as he has senate pubs dancing as fast as they can and the CEC working for him, he has little to fear from the proceedings.

Not sure how some of these (non-personality disordered) politicians sleep at night.


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Since he won’t get involved, I imagine fat donald will not complain anymore about an “unfair process” or his offenses “not being impeachable.”

Why should Trump participate in this sham?


Gee, he’s sure behaving like he’s innocent and wants to prove it…:rofl:

It was a perfect call.