After all that, not Trump/Putin meeting in France

Who is criticizing trump for cancelling the meeting? Sounds more like trumpist snowflake syndrome

VERY well said.

These are the same guys who criticized Obama for wearing a tan suit and then type of mustard he used.

Yet they rabidly cheer and defend a man who is vile, sexist, bigoted, ignorant, corrupt, selfish, full of hate, engages in petty insults and name calling and then have the gall to get upset the moment Trump is called out and any criticism is levied against him.

It’s no longer about policy differences. It’s about the moral fabric of our country. And the 40% who worships at the alter of Trump I’m convinced are just as vile as him. He just normalizes it. And it makes me sad to think that our country is so full of hate.


Go back to sleep.

Oh its TDS all right. The supporting Trump in anything and everything he does puts the D in TDS.


Gotta look happy to see the boss.

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Who gives a ■■■■ what the French think?

Trump shouldn’t be caving to them.

This post served with a side of freedom fries.

The Golden Opportunity is Macron wooing the golden years gals like the Mrs and Merkel. He has a thing for them.

I really hope those new board members who posted that trash got banned permanently. in 15 years here…I have never seen anything like that.

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In other words you got nothin

I missed it. Was it Blorg league type stuff?

Is that a Stellaris reference?

No doubt charging Putin full rental of the room so he could make a profit.

Fitting for this thread.

You said it.

Gotta give him props for that. Conservatives kept insisting/vainly hoping he’d transform into something resembling presidential after he was sworn in, and Donald just doubled down on the crudity and idiocy.

Still half-convinced when this is all over that Soros reveals he was behind the ascendancy of Donald - a Deep State leftist conspiracy designed to bring the GOP down, brilliantly using the hatred/desire for revenge of fringe radicals to take over their narrative and burn the house down from within.

Of course, Donald will insist that not only was he a part of the conspiracy but also the mastermind controlling it.

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It was pure porn. It was blocked temporarily saying the post was being checked…but you could click the link. Normally that stuff is just someone saying something bad…so I clicked…and there it was. I was at work. Ooops.

I hope no one else got caught up with that. I had never ever in 15 years ever seen that.

I don’t think so. “Back in the day” Blorg was a sleeper account on the old board where someone had timed the mods habits pretty well and picked a time when there weren’t any around to post up a whole lot of pretty bad porn. Based on what Konsurrvative said, then yup,

Looks like Trump is skipping out at Arlington today too. Can’t really blame him, it does look like it could rain.

Got ya.

In the game Stellaris the Blorg are a race that are so repugnant and disgusting that they are repulsed by each other.

This piece of ■■■■ never disappoints.

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