After all that, not Trump/Putin meeting in France

I’ve wondered if that is a possibility myself. It would kind of make sense in a weird sort of way

Considering Trump’s complete lack of honesty and integrity, not to mention his tendency to put himself ahead of the nation, I’d think republicans would be a bit more outraged over the idea of him meeting at all secretly and off-the-record with a thug like Putin.

Does the GOP realize that from now forward Dems can just say “talk to the hand” whenever GOP’ers try to pass ANY moral judgement??? They will never again have ANY leg to stand on after fullt supporting this orange pig.

When you show no respect to anyone, how could anyone expect anything less from him. I’m not surprised in the least he has zero respect for our Veterans.

Smyrna said we are criticizing trump for cancelling the meeting. Put up or shut up

They’ll simply say they had no choice - “But Hillary!” - and did what they had to do to stop her. Once Donald is gone the rhetoric about values and True Conservatives will rebound with a vengeance.

And Pepperidge Farm should be there to remember everything.

I never knew that @PeterGriffin, interesting that back then there was so many moderators…you’d think one of them was on the board all the time. LOL Anyway…I hope they got their accounts shut down.

Shame no meeting because: