After all that, not Trump/Putin meeting in France

BREAKING: Trump and Putin canceled a scheduled meeting, after the French Gov’t asked them not to meet.

I think that’s the only reason Trump even went, right?

He certainly didn’t go to visit the cemetery.

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Exactly. The ceremony was not a priority. Hair and walking and all.

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And not being the center of attention.

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Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if they had a secret meeting. Maybe Trump’s hotel room.


That would have been a golden opportunity.


Right? They already had showers.

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Maybe they talked on the unsecure phone Trump uses

Them and China and anyone else who wants to listen. But who believes Trump would cancel something because he was asked to? Maybe Putin canceled because he figures Trump isn’t as useful now that the dems will have the house.

If Trump had not honored France’s wishes…there’d be a negative thread about it.

If Trump does honor France’s wishes…here’s a negative thread about it.

In the end, it’s easy to see for anyone with their eyes open that no matter what…TDS reigns negative.

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Lol. But I’m probably reading more into this post.

You blame it on TDS. But the reality is Trump brings it on himself. His behavior towards others, whether they be ally or enemy, has made him open and deserving of critique. Even when it seems he can’t win for losing. Sorry, but this is the bed he made and now he gets to lie in it.


…and in the end, we each answer for the actions only of ourselves.

Absolutely. Trump made the decision early in his campaign to be a very insulting abrasive candidate, and continued that on into his presidency. It is only natural to expect the same in response.

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Yep. He demeans the office of the Presidency. He has brought shame to this nation. He attacks everyone who does not bend the knee and kiss the ring. He has openly admitted he is only the President of his minority base, and not the whole nation. He has taken the partisan vitriol that existed and ratchets it up to an 11. And then he and his supporters whine when others take him and them to task. It’s amazing how shameless they are.

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Only I choose the mode in which I operate and am not directly influenced by others. That’s exactly the actions I despise and label those types…sheeple.

Oh, don’t worry - I made my decision on how to respond to Trump’s shameful behavior all by myself. And, given that I was heavily involved in the republican party pre - Trump, I have done so very much in opposition in the peer group in which I operate. I’m definitely not a yes - man.

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I agree. You are not. Although I disagree with your conclusion last two years ago, I respect how you derived it.

Is that a wink?