Add james comey to the Growing List , Along With rosenstein and yates

Under direct questioning from lindsey graham james comey has also now said that if he knew then what he knows now HE WOULD NOT HAVE SIGNED OFF ON THE FISA WARRANT ON CARTER PAGE.

Let me repeat that, because we now have ALL THREE people at the top who signed off, saying THEY WOULD NOT HAVE SIGNED OFF ON THE FISA WARRANT ON CARTER PAGE.

Instead, they all spread russian disinformation. You know the rest.


only problem for comey is, he did know then what he knows now.


This is like trying to tell a flat earther the truth about our spherical planet.

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Apparently comey also has no recall about receiving the request to investigate hillary’s setup scheme, that came from brennan in September 2016.


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Add another person to the list of people who WOULD NOT HAVE SIGNED OFF ON THE FISA WARRANT ON CARTER PAGE."

Lol. A tiny modicum of common sense would tell you an FBI Director isn’t looking at thousands of annual FISA requests.

Comey claimed that he knew nothing about the source of the dossier that was the informant who is suspected of being a Russian agent.
Basically, he is now claiming that he did not know why he was out to get Trump on something.
And yet he was the one who handed the dossier over to Trump just before CNN was informed and used that as their excuse to publish about the fake dossier.
The real irony is that it was the Democrats who appear to have spread Russian disinformation by feeding it to Steele and his dossier.

Of course, this information has largely been released for a while. The only thing new is Comey’s stonewalling and claiming ignorance of the basis for his investigation.

The dossier tied the Trump campaign to Russia, allegedly…and was significant enough for Comey to put it on Trump’s desk just before someone informed CNN that he had done so.
He might have paid some attention

Going after a Presidential candidate? He knew.

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Yeah, this was just any old FISA request that came across his desk.

Rubber-stamp time at the salt mines.

Several times today he said he “couldn’t recall” or “don’t remember”, yet at one point during the same hearing bragged that he has a very good memory.

You can’t make this ■■■■ up.

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…and once again…nothing will come of it. All of the people involved were too stupid to know they were doing wrong, so no prosecutor would prosecute because they didn’t “intend” to break the law.

If Comey had known Hillary Clinton would not win the election and his crimes would have been uncovered, he would not have committed them. Not that he didn’t know full well what they were doing.

You’re getting so close…almost had it.

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Now add andrew mccabe as well.

So for those keeping score, that’s all of the top people who signed off on the Carter Page FISA warrant.

Yet, somehow they all signed off on said warrant.


How do you expect them to know in 2016 what we know in 2020?

:rofl::+1:t3: I love it!

When was this “disinformation” spread?

Mostly 2016 and 2017. The largest single drop was when Comey, allegedly at Brennan’s insistence, dropped the infamous dossier on Trump’s desk and “someone” immediately informed CNN about this…followed by CNN linking to a copy of the dossier.
The dossier contained information form at least one source suspected of working for Russia.

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