Add Another Crime to the Pile - Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation


Trump supporters are and continue to be so naive and gullible, that they think he’s draining the swamp…when in REALITY, he and his cronies are the swamp on steroids.


I don’t think Trump will make it.
Whether he’s guilty of these things or not, he’s not going to be left alone.
He needs to resign.


Everyone who voted for the big two did.


How much money did the Obama inauguration have left unaccounted for? 50 million? 100 million? Or did they account for all of their spending, unlike trump?


Like those who allow Russia control of 20% of our nuclear grade uranium or like the Clinton foundation “pay to play” scheme to get rich while they sell the country to the highest bidder? How about “hole in the wall” sanctuary cities for illegals, I guess thats the leftest version of love of country and it’s citizens!


You have been lied to.


Investigate her then… I’ll be right there with my popcorn watching the hearings. I promise!

But this is about Trump. He is a con man and for some weird reason you love it! You have attacked Clinton for “similar crimes” while at the same time dismissing Trumps ACTUAL crimes. It just keeps getting sillier and sillier for Trump supporters.


John Dean knows a thing or two about criminal behavior in the White House. Here’s his current take:



I will say, if Mueller came out tomorrow and announced that Hillary Clinton should be charged with murder, Mueller would become the hero of Trump supporters.


More details


We shall see


John Dean has been earning a living for years attacking Republicans to Democrats. Try out his book “Worse than Watergate” on sale at Amazon…about the Bush Presidency.


"Tom Barrack, a real estate developer who ran the inaugural committee, has not yet spoken with investigators since an interview he had with the special counsel last year, a source familiar with the matter told CNN. During his conversation with Mueller, the inaugural fund was only raised briefly, the source said.

“The inaugural committee hasn’t been asked for records or been contacted by prosecutors. We are not aware of any investigation,” the source told CNN."

Before deciding this was “another crime to the pile”, perhaps we should wait and find out if there is anything to this…or to the rest of the “pile” for that matter.


This does not appear to look good for the Trump Organization. Ivanka Trump appears to be implicated in potential crimes here as well.

From the article with attribution to Ilya Marritz, WNYC, and Justin Elliott, ProPublica

During the planning, Ivanka Trump, the president-elect’s eldest daughter and a senior executive with the Trump Organization, was involved in negotiating the price the hotel charged the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee for venue rentals. A top inaugural planner emailed Ivanka and others at the company to “express my concern” that the hotel was overcharging for its event spaces, worrying of what would happen “when this is audited.”

If the Trump hotel charged more than the going rate for the venues, it could violate tax law. The inaugural committee’s payments to the Trump Organization and Ivanka Trump’s role have not been previously reported or disclosed in public filings.

“The fact that the inaugural committee did business with the Trump Organization raises huge ethical questions about the potential for undue enrichment,” said Marcus Owens, the former head of the division of the Internal Revenue Service that oversees nonprofits.

Inaugural workers had other misgivings. Rick Gates, then the deputy to the chairman of the inaugural, asked some vendors to take payments directly from donors, rather than through the committee, according to two people with direct knowledge. The vendors felt the request was unusual and concerning, according to these people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they signed confidentiality agreements.


Agreed 100%


I love this part.

These events are in PE’s [the president-elect’s] honor at his hotel and one of them is for family and close friends. Please take into consideration that when this is audited it will become public knowledge,” she wrote, noting that other locations would be provided to the inaugural committee for free.

Other locations offering free accommodations. Obvious self-dealing going on here.


Trump is sunk, I believe we are starting to see the beginning of the end here.


I think if feels like that too. Or Feeeeels, for some.


If the Trump hotel charged more than the going rate for the venues, it could violate tax law.


What are the chances!? Right? :joy: