Add Another Crime to the Pile - Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation


Your problem is that you are framing this as a liberal/conservative conflict when it is anything but

It is between those who love this country and those who would sell it out to the highest bidder.


I know, I know, you get so invested in something, and then everything falls apart, sort of like the Fun Run episode of the Office, amiright or amiright?

You know the one.

Whose idea was it to have a 5k run that didn’t go in a circle that ended up back at the office?

Michael Scott, that’s who.

And now they’re all stuck out there in the middle of nowhere looking like a bunch of bozos.

Maybe a taxi will come along–or a small bus.

A small bus would be better.


They should’ve used that $26 million to juice up attendance at the inauguration.


What does this have to do with Mueller? Aren’t you paying attention at all?


You really aren’t paying attention, are you?


Mueller is not in charge of this investigation. Mueller is a life long Republican. Do you ever know any facts prior to posting here?


Liberals arnt making this ■■■■ pile. They will have to clean it up though


Yeah…they should have asked for their money back…lolol


Fact: Mueller. Robert Mueller.

Think about that lib, think about that fact.


Actually, it’s not just “But Clinton”.

Does anyone really think Trump’s inauguration galas were anything new?


Trump tells it like it is,

All politicians lie

Trump will drain the swamp.

They all do it.


I mean there is only $41 million unaccounted for in the Inauguration fund.

I am sure it happens all the time.


I wish these political scandals would slow down a bit. I feel like Lucy with the conveyer belt of chocolate.


Hillary lost dude.


she did and you voted for a scam artist who skims money


I’ve been asking conservatives this question for a while.

What is your line?

I don’t think there is one. If Trump murdered someone they would just say…yeah but Vince Foster!


The heat death of the universe. For literally anything else, it is “deep state”, “fake news” etc etc. If Jesus came back tomorrow with evidence of Trump’s criminality, he would be spit at and called a lib deep stater.


During any of those investigations it doesn’t seem that anyone even suggested that the Clinton’s or DNC misused any donated funds.

The diverting of funds and/or misspending of any of the money is going to be the big problem for them in this investigation. That won’t be the same thing at all.


But they probably siphoned all of the inaugural money off and into the Clinton Foundation so it will be Bill and Hillary’s fault after all.


Is it the dollar amounts throwing you?

“ Obama’s 2009 inauguration was estimated to [cost $170 million, or $190 million today after factoring in inflation, and the federal government paid over $100 million just for security during the 2005 and 2009 inaugurations.”

If it was the amount paid to the friend that’s bothering you… Before I care I’d have to know if that’s more or less than other inaugurations have paid.