Add Another Crime to the Pile - Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation


From “drain the swamp” to but but but the Clinton’s.



This has nothing to do with paying money for political access.


Basically every single trump supporter reply today.


Everything Clinton can do Trump can do better, Trump can do anything better then you!



This is what happens when you elect trash who scam people out of money…



“The criminal probe by the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office, which is in its early stages, also is examining whether some of the committee’s top donors gave money in exchange for access to the incoming Trump administration, policy concessions or to influence official administration positions, some of the people said.”


You should send that wiki link to the Manhattan U.S. attorneys office and tell them to stop wasting their time…

Cause you know if Clinton did it and he got away with it, what are the chances they have any hard evidence against stable genius Trump? Everything Trump does is always very legal and very cool…

Unless you know, perhaps they gathered some interesting evidence from the Cohen raid, now that would be a twist!


I stand corrected.


Guys… I am beginning to think that the administration might be filled with criminals.


Yes add another shovel of “you know what” to the Mueller manure pile! :roll_eyes:


Mueller is not investigating this.


Where does it say Mueller is investigating this?


Well the piece of garbage Mueller started it!


LOL. Eat your peas, lib.


You are going to have it rough in the coming months coming to terms with the crimes of the President and his associates.

It’s okay.

Just remember that there is an off ramp that you can take at anytime to start driving back towards reality.


I was wise enough to wait until my eyesight got so bad that I couldn’t see much of anything, and now I don’t need to squint at all.

I’m crossing my fingers that the same thing happens to my hearing.

When that happens, I’ll finally be on board with the orange blur on my TV.


Ok, that was funny.


Serious question for you, what’s it going to take for you to stop defending this fat donald?


Maybe I should say its just more shoveling the manure on the liberal dung pile.


Who, Mueller?