Add Another Crime to the Pile - Trump Inauguration Spending Under Criminal Investigation


Trump would never try to enrich himself illegally! Shame for even thinking that.


Correct. Which is why I said it appears to not look good and she appears to be implicated. Which is the case. But it is fascinating watching you defend this family so adamantly. Do you know any of them personally?

You treat them with the same adulation and deferment that many in the U.K. treat the royal family. Are the Trump family royalty to you? I’ve rarely witnessed such devotion to an American politician.


Basic fairness and wanting evidence before condemnation is what passes as adulation to you.


Yes because if anyone deserves the benefit of doubt its Donald Trump right? :joy:


So you will only accept a conviction before passing judgement?

That must mean you would never entertain that Hillary committed crimes because she was never convicted of anything.



Except I didn’t say what you said, did I?


I’m sorry- evidence. But you won’t accept any evidence on literally anything that ties Trump to multiple crimes. You are waiting for actual indictment and conviction.


Take this instance. Sources say they are looking into if the Trump Hotel overcharged for some services and if they did then that may be against an unspecified IRS violation.
Yeah…I need better evidence than that.


Sure there are plenty of things said about Trump that I file in the “need better evidence/corroboration” category- snorting adderall etc.

But I have never seen you entertain any possible linking of Trunp to multiple crimes- even with mountains of public evidence.


Also to add- @dougbh you are one of the more intelligent conservative posters here and I value your contribution- even if I argue with you a fair amount. I have seen you dismantle excessive partisanship from the Left and I appreciate it. Thought I’d add that today.


10 thanks.


Those are just alternative facts. You know, since they don’t fit the narrative.


I will co-sign this


That’s gonna be tough to quantify. A neighbor of mine went to DC for the inauguration. It was not uncommon for the hotels in the area to charge 2 or 3 times their normal rate.