ACOSTA ABROAD: Trump Warns Jim Acosta to ‘Be Respectful’ During Kim Summit | Sean Hannity

President Trump told CNN’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta to “be nice” and “be respectful” during Tuesday’s press conference in Singapore; warning the journalist after he yelled questions at Trump and Kim Jong Un earlier in the day.

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I can not even begin to understand why the President would take any reporter that gets out of line on an important trip like this. their would be no warnings, only “not this time, see you when you have behaved at home for 6 or 8 months”…but not on an overseas trip with an idiot like acosta.

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If he were banned, respect would no longer matter?

Thank god for a free press that doesn’t need to kowtow to Trump’s definition of respect.

Acosta is the benchmark for fake news. He is the useful idiot that serves the Administration’s desires.

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It isn’t the president’s place to be DICTATING how journalists do their job.

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What the hell do you mean “behaved”?

Tell you what, there are way too many Americans, Fat Donald included, who have no clue what a “free press” means.

as a vet i do not understand how the MSM and 90% of the democrats and even a couple republicans can put their own agenda ahead our peace for the world??? we heard the leading democrat strategist say he hoped america failed economically so democrats could get back into power which makes me sick—but hoping the N Korea talks fail for political gain??? sick sick sick and not why i served my country.


How ridiculous of a question is that? “Are you going to give up your nuclear weapons”? What did expect Kim to say, Yeah, right away? You would think that the one chance he would have he would ask some sort of a question that could be answered.

Bill Maher, leading Democrat strategist y’all.

He should’ve had his creds pulled along time ago…


Jim Acosta is a sorry excuse for a reporter.Trump put him in his place.

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Guess you missed that whole President Obama era?


For not kissing Trump’s rump?


What is a jouurnalist’s place?

Oh, would that perhaps be at historic events trying to get comments from participants in those events, even if one must shout out their questions.

Yeah, from Trump on down, lots of people are clueless how news gathering works.

As a vet, I sincerely hope you can open up your worldview to understand that democrats are just as much in favour of peace for the world as republicans are. We are all Americans and we have America’s best interests at heart, although sometimes we disagree on what course of action best furthers America’s best interests.

Bill Maher is a comedian. A left of center comedian, for sure, but hardly a leading democrat strategist. However, for context, another leading republican strategist (comedian) wished for the failure of the Obama presidency. You do know who I’m talking about, right?

I served in Korea (the good one). I also have family members who were Christian missionaries to Korea. I deeply wish for peace in that region. However, nothing that has happened so far has given me any hope that anything positive will come from this exchange, and my fear is that things will get worse.

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Now reporters that frustrate the dear leader lose their papers? Being “rude” is cause to stifle the free press? That’s where we are going?

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Worth repeating! Liberals are a disease on the country.

I know exactly who you are talking about and you are taking that particular comment way out of context as that reply was to the question about someone wanting to “fundamentally change” our country which is lib speak for socialism and damned straight any patriotic American would be against that and want any attempt to do that to…………… fail.