ACOSTA ABROAD: Trump Warns Jim Acosta to ‘Be Respectful’ During Kim Summit | Sean Hannity


Yes, it is. President Obama veered in that direction, so now Trump is taking an even sharper turn down that road.


Exactly what disease am i?


Trump is the president who is actually “fundamentally” changing our country, and not in a good way.


Good point, slippery slope he started with criticism of Fox; the hyper-partisan cable news networks have definitely brought out the worst in many of us.


And you’re taking Maher’s comments out of context for exactly the same reason. Maher made his comment in what he believes is the best for America’s interests. He believes Trump is fundamentally changing our country for the worst, and that only by Trump failing at everything he’s attempting to do, will America succeed going forward. Agree or disagree with Maher, but his reasoning is the exact same reasoning as that other comedian.

And for the record, I don’t give a flip what either comedian believes politically. Oh, it might be fun to listen to those jokers, but I wouldn’t be caught dead trying to argue they are relevant politically. I guess maybe if i was a teenager… but that’s been a long time past.


Because he thinks hes all that and above. If you want respect give respect.


Specifically, what did Acosta do that was disrespectful, please do tell us.

Also, if you would please, quantify and or qualify your statement, “Becase he thinks he’s all that and above”.