According to trump, wall is already being built

Looks like it’s beginning to settle in his thick head that he’s not getting a dime for his silly wall (that Mexicans were supposed to pay for) and now he’s trying to convince everyone, that the wall is being built even though it’s not funded.

I thought he declared a national emergency to build a wall. Did he not do that?

Haha! Fools, while Nancy and Chuck were distracted he started construction! Won’t stop until finished, Trump wins again!

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Who’s funding this wall that’s already being constructed?


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Who cares!

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Out of his own pockets? I thought Mexicans would be paying for it?

I like this new strategy though. Maybe Trump can convince the people who want the wall that it’s already been built. It’s very Obi-wan Kenobi but it might actually work. Like the caravan that magically evaporated right after the midterms.

We’re not his target audience, Apocalypto.

We’re not the ones soaking up his sewage like it’s golden nectar from The Promised Land.

I went to go buy some prayer rugs the other day and they’re totally on sale now. Hard to compete on the price with all the free rugs just left behind all along the border.


Why do I feel like most Trump supporters will accept this as gospel?

Yeah, I think that’s fat donald’s angle here and a lot of his numbnut supporters will buy it hook, line and sinker.

We’re doing this again. Look what you made him do? Stop making him do this.

It’s being built right now. By spring we’ll have a big beautiful wall from sea to shining sea!

Did you know the Dow hit 25,000!

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Now that’s the spirit!

I’m just waiting for the tweet that the shutdown never actually happened either.

They all got back pay… so it didn’t.

I don’t think anyone really knows what Trump wants at this point:

You’re right and it appears to working already.