According to AOC a world with defunded police looks like a suburb

So according to the great scholar AOC when asked, what would a world look like when you defund the police, well a suburb of course. I know the liberals here are going to say “here you all go again obsessing over AOC.” For me personally what she represents is the modern liberal mind as developed in the halls of modern liberal academia. It’s all about finding reasons outside of the individual for why things are worse in one are compared to another. Ironically she goes on to talk about school funding of all things, does she not have a ■■■■■■■ clue how much NY spends per pupil?

Hopefully NY follows her infinite wisdom and does defund the police and diverts the money as she advises and then we can all see what the results are. In the end there’s only one way to find out.

Pretty sure suburban dwellers do not want to defund the police. So she’s saying better, more law abiding people live in the suburbs? Man, I’d be called all sorts of things if I claimed that.

Seattle experimented with no police in that “CHUMP” city, or whatever it was. They had to give it up after the dead bodies.


No, she’s basically arguing that the police and the type of policing going on is what causes many of the problems in the inner cities.

Hey AOC, which comes first, the chicken or the egg? If there is no crime, the police presence is gone. If there is crime, police presence increases. So…which comes first…crime. Fix that AOC and you’ll fix the police presence that you do not want. Who’d a thunk it, eh? Call me anytime. :sunglasses:

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I find that fascinating. The mindset that is. That never would have occurred to me.

Suburbs get to use the police as a subscription service. “Inner cities” are relentlessly patroled.

Understand yet?

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Perhaps she also has no clue on how things were in NY before Giuliani became mayor and after.

If cops acted in the suburbs like they do in the inner cities, y’all would be the ones marching in the streets in protest. And it would taken maybe eight weeks of it.


I fully support local governments implementing changes to their structure. If they believe defunding the police is the key to eliminating crime than they should try it.

Then those communities could defund the cops as well.

Ah, so it’s okay as long as it doesn’t affect you personally. But if it did, you agin it. You’re a NIMBY.

This is only feasible with the end of mass incarceration, the drug war and ‘tough on crime’ statutes, starting at the federal level. And that’s sort of what Ocasio-Cortez has been saying, albeit for far less time than people like Angela Davis or the mostly unknown but tireless criminal justice reform advocates who’ve been rolling this stone uphill for several generations.

There is a reason for that.

Which you believe to be?

:heart::sparkling_heart::heart::sparkling_heart::heart: Oh how I love this post!

One, that’s where most of the crime is.

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mall cops on segways will save the cities…

I think you might be confusing arrests with crime.

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Not at all.

It certainly seems super likely that the vast majority of drug users are only in the inner city.