Accidental Shooting on Set of Alec Baldwin on Movie Set

damn, didn’t read that article yet. My bad.

That’s a huge negligence by the prop department if that’s the case.


A special kind of stupid… For crying out loud, one has a freaking BULLET and the other does not! :rofl:

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My main question is if he knew there was a live round in the cylinder.

I carry a revolver and also use it as a concealed door gun. While I personally consider them inherently safer to operate than semi-automatics without active safeties you still have to follow the basic rules of gun safety at all times because negligent discharges can happen if you don’t follow those rules or are incompetent about gun safety in general.

I really want to know if it was a double action only revolver or it was the more common single/double action. Considering the time period the film in question is set in, I would assume that it was a SA/DA design since you have an exposed hammer. Easier to mock up to look like a vintage SA only design like the Colt Single Action Army.

Point is that if Baldwin was going to walk around with it he should have flipped the cylinder out and visually checked the rounds to verify that they were all blanks. And even then, at no point should he have had it pointed anywhere but the ground with his finger rested on the trigger guard. That’s the biggest thing I see that causes me fits. People walking around with the gun and their finger resting on the trigger itself. That is the number one cause of negligent discharges. You don’t put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to fire. At all other times it should be resting on the guard.

For real.

Someone in the prop department was a complete idiot.


Live rounds should never be put into a gun on set. There is no reason for it.

But live rounds made it into the gun and from what I am hearing is that they were in the gun so the revolver wouldn’t look empty.

That is the rumor anyway… so take that with a grain of salt until more info comes out.

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That is absolutely insane if true.

If that’s the facts then someone in prop needs their head rolled.

So the rumor is that there was a mix of live and blank ammo in the gun and the trigger was pulled one too many times.

Why anyone was standing in the path of where the gun was pointed is another insane thing I just can’t understand.

My God.

It’s on Baldwin too. He shouldn’t have had it pointed at anyone whatsoever. That was his responsibility. Even with just blanks. You treat every gun like it is loaded and ready to fire a live round.


As I said…,. safety on set is usually laughable… but this is beyond bad.

That’s similar to what happened to Brandon Lee.

The gun had been filed with actual rounds (to look real) - but while the charge had been removed from those rounds, the primer had not.

In one scene, the gun was fired, and the primer was enough to eject a bullet from the cartridge, but not enough to clear the barrel. Then, a scene later, a blank was fired in the same gun, which propelled the bullet stuck in the barrel out, and killed Mr. Lee.

at point blank range blanks are still dangerous though maybe lethal?


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A woman is dead. Her children have lost their mother.

Stay classy.

We are talking about Alec Baldwin here.

Where did you see that?

The story is that wasn’t during filming. My guess is that it happened during camera rehearsal.

I am talking about Helyna Hutchins.

They can be.

Jon Erik Hexum unintentionally killed himself with a blank. He was playing with a prop revolver chambered in .44 mag loaded with blanks on set. He decided to act stupid and put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. The explosive force from the charge fractured his skull and broke off a piece of bone that went into his brain.

Blanks are simply cartridges that have their bullets removed. They still contain the round’s charge and in most cases it’s equivalent to the charge of a live round. They are used in film because they sound authentic and you get the muzzle flash.

But that’s still a ton of energy. At point blank range that explosive force can gravely injure or kill someone.

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On the John Wick movies they used quarter load blanks.

Which is what they should all do to maximize safety.

It’s still very convincing. You get the full muzzle flash and the small difference in sound isn’t perceptible by the human ear through microphones.