A Win for Voters in Pennsylvania

No way. I’ve been forging postmarks and ballots for decades now. It really isn’t that hard. What’s hilarious is how no one can ever catch me doing it.


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Me too. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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You think he’s got SCOTUS in his back pocket? :joy::joy::joy:

“Cargo Cult”. This is shorthand for behaviors and beliefs that are maintained by societies based on tradition and word of mouth rather than some tested and verified body of knowledge.

Didn’t mean to call us a cult, just allowing that mailing limitations could hurt either side and the standard belief that it just hurts democrats could be off the mark.

Shouldn’t it be more telling that it’s not a win For Trump?

Ask yourself, why is bad for Trump that votes will be counted?


Has the potential to benefit Trump in a battleground state. Gives everyone’s vote a chance to be counted.

Provided Trump hasn’t done anything stupid like repeatedly call into question the validity of mail in ballots and convince his base not to take advantage of it, that is…


You might want to look into that term a little deeper.

yay more time for us lefties to cheat

dont make us burn your cities

Whoa. Slow down there chief.


slow down? lol

whats the cheat time extended to - one week. two?

SCOTUS? No, just the left leaning side of it.

3 days.

if your ballot doesnt arrive in time for election day because youre irresponsible or because of widespread mail fraud or incompetence, or because youre too stupid to fill it out right


wait till 2024 or stop off at the polls on your way to walmart

No I can’t see that.

You don’t have much faith in the hard working local clerks who are the ones who tally the votes, do you.

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It won’t reflect on your citizenship grade.

Neither does the DNC nor the SCOTUS, apparently.

ah the PA election day - nov 6

you sure thats going to be enough time?

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Yeah,I’m using it a little loosely. My history with the term is not anthropological but rather from it’s adoption by the software world as shorthand for practices everybody swears are necessary or good but which nobody can really point to why.

To clarify my intended meaning I was saying that people’s jump to declare mail in voting extension benefits part X may just be repeating a belief rather than a measured phenomenon.

Dogma would be a better term probably.

Takes more than that…