A Win for Voters in Pennsylvania

The SCOTUS is signaling that states can extend the time needed for mail in votes to arrive and be counted.

The Supreme Court on Monday denied a request from Pennsylvania’s Republican Party to shorten the deadlines for mail-in ballots in the state. Thanks to the court’s 4-4 deadlock, ballots can be counted for several days after Election Day.

Clearly is a huge win for Biden-Harris in PA. But it’s also a win for all voters in PA. This also signals that the court is ok with states granting time post election for ballots to arrive and be counted.


More info.

Pennsylvania Republicans and top officials from the state’s GOP-held legislature had asked the justices to review a state supreme court court ruling that requires election officials to accept ballots postmarked by Election Day, as long as they arrive within three days.

The ruling was seen as a win for Democrats in the key battleground state - which President Trump won in 2016 by just over 44,000 votes - since Democratic voters are considered more likely than Trump supporters to vote by mail in November.

can you see the vans with thousands of uncounted ballots magically appearing 3 weeks after the votes have been tallied for the 20th time with comrade biden still losing?

more magic vans will appear until the tyrants can assume total control

Should be noted that rulings like this could change when Barrett comes aboard.

They must already be on San Diego’s grading system where due dates don’t matter.


Very telling that Biden will benefit.


No. The PA deadline is only a week after Election Day I believe.

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Seems to be the assumption.

so they can’t find the necessary magic vans in a week?

3 days, with a postmark before The election.


Trump should get more Pennsylvanians to vote for him by mail.

Are we talking about the Scooby Doo van or what?

postmarks and ballots can never be forged…


I’ve been loading my “magic vans” for weeks now. We started printed our tyrannical ballots 6 or 7 weeks ago. Not sure about the rest of my comrades and their tyrannical printing systems. In this day and age, we have to keep our tyranny on the hush hush.


Indeed. Very telling. :+1:

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I’m just glad you found a political home that suits your persuasion.


Fact. Science. Biden probably was complicit or at least was the beneficiary of someone else who was complicit. It’s only logical.

Just got my ballot today. Most be postmarked by 8pm election night and must be received by 5pm November 6th.

It is just the standard cargo cult belief that Democratic voters are less motivated/organized/able to navigate the process deftly and Republican voters are more motivated/timely/organized/knowledgeable about the process.

This cultural belief undergirds all of the voting rules wrangling.