A trump op-ed almost entirely composed of lies and misleading statements


Fox has established a reputation as lying sacks of ■■■■. Washington Post has not. Chew on that, poindexter.

I can imagine the laughter if Sean Hannity came out with a fact-checking division, from everyone.


Wait a minute, according to fat donald isn’t the media fake news?


It’s something Trump wrote (or more to the point, on of Trump’s toadies wrote and he approved.) Why would anyone expect truth?


Don’t know. Didn’t read it.

And I’m not interested in a line-by-line parsing and nitpicking of it either.

Besides, for most of you libs, if you disagree with something he says, it’s a lie to you. ( shrug ).

Cut taxes. (And I wish he would cut spending!) Install constitutionalist judges. Kill business-wrecking regulations. Reestablish American prominence. As long as he keeps DOING that, I really don’t care what he SAYS in emotional whistle stops.


The laughter from everyone, really.


Maybe you’re not talking about it, but some of us will continue to highlight libbie duplicity.


Yes you run with the Lord Trump is just like Obama argument


That statement may not be what you were looking to do…

It means one of two things…you are either a hack who can’t recognize provable lies, or a hack who complains about politicians lying, but only when its not your guy doing the lying.

Neither is a good look, for the record.


Sure, he lied, he’s a politician. Its in the job description. Democrats certainly couldn’t exist without lying to the low info’s


whoosh That’s the sound of my point sailing over your head at high speed.


Heck he put up a WaPo article to align with his point. Only fake when he wants it to be


And trump to the uneducated


Imagine if everyone believed Fat Donald and thought the hurricane was a libby plot. Fake news


It’s comical that Trump lies massively more that Obama but some Republicans like yourself aren’t smart enough to pick up on it.


That would require journalism from Fox News which isn’t really their “thing”.


One lie can be worse than a hundred, all depends what the lies are.


You know that’s not what I’m doing, so why say that lie?


“May not…” to you.

Libbie duplicity can do that to you.


Hang on. Are you calling out a poster on an obscure message board for lying while you won’t call out our president for his hourly lies. What the heck is up with that??


I was told by many forumers that Trump is a businessman, not a politician.