A trump op-ed almost entirely composed of lies and misleading statements


I bet college football players are digging the narrative that Republicans are painting at the moment.


Just to be sure libs know what they keep ignoring.




Of course you are, otherwise it wouldn’t be duplicity


How is retreating from the US led World order working to “Reestablish American Prominence”?


I thought trump wasn’t a politician and that’s why you all liked to vote for him.


To be fair, Donald Trump was probably a massive liar by age 12. He’s massively out lying the politicians. And he’s 100 times more corrupt.


C’mon you cant take anything Trumpists say srsly


You don’t send a kitten to fight pit bulls.


So a few posts prior to this you were mocking the idea that the Washington Post had a fact checking department.

Now you are citing the Washington Post fact checking department.


Why is that the only thing you focus on?


Yea you guys sure upped the bar on lying, narcissism, and straight up ■■■■■■■■. Congrats!


Anything to help Trump


That they couldn’t find a way to run cover for every lie he told does not make them objective.


More like leveled the playing field.


Why not?

I mean it seems to me like an incredibly stupid thing to say that the President is working to “Reestablish American Prominence” given what is going on in the world… I am wondering why you feel that that is a valid opinion to hold.


Zantax wasn’t mocking WaPo fact checking.

I was.

And nowhere did I rely on WaPo fact checking to highlight Obama’s lies. (Nor even making a point of highlighting Obama’s lies.)

So the entirety of your post is baseless.


It’s only stupid through the lib prism.

So you’ll never understand, even if I bothered to try answering your question.


You keep doing you my man.


What? You think “reestablishing America’s Prominence” was going to be popular with the rest of the world?