A TRUMP-HATER’S GUIDE TO MUELLER SKEPTICISM, Or how TDS will damage America in the long run

Nice article about the hang over the country will feel in the long run over Russia hysteria. Vanity Fair is no right wing publication. They ask some great questions…

“they might want to remember that Trump won’t always be in office. The weapons you create for your side today will be used by the other side against you tomorrow. Do we really want the special-counsel investigation to become a staple of presidential life? It’s a creation with few boundaries on scope and a setup that encourages the selection of a suspect followed by a search for the crime, rather than the other way around.

“If it’s any consolation to Trump haters, we san say this much: the special counsel’s office is going to put together a hell of a report. It will have less sex than Starr’s did, but that’s for the best, and the testimony of Michael Cohen will still guarantee a lot of great scenes, many of them certain to become immortal and embarrassing. Trumpworld won’t fare well under a bright light. Like Starr, Mueller is also likely to include footnotes and selections that will hint at criminality, the things he suspects but couldn’t prove, and the most ardent believers in collusion will claim vindication. But the international conspiracies will be few, and the collateral damage of the Russia scare will be extensive, stretching far beyond Trump or his circle to the country as a whole. It might hurt a president who many Americans hate, but even the president’s most ardent foes should reflect on a question that will linger: Was it worth it?”

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I forget, who initiated the special council’s investigation again?

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I get annoyed at things like SNL that are fawning over Mueller and he’s totally going to get trump. And then the trump apologists who, like trump, started this thing off by denying Russia even did anything. The hacks were an inside job, maybe a 400 pound guy from New Jersey! Everyone vocal is annoying, except me. I’m reasonable and pleasant.


Ah, yes - investigating possible interference in elections will undermine democracy.

Wait, what?

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Same argument put forward during Watergate.

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Even worse, we still have no reason why they started the investigation… What’s the crime?

No, in Watergate they had a burglary and Nixon resigned… There is no crime here that started the investigation.

Dude go read about Watergate.

I agree…Trump’s Derangement Syndrome will damage America in the long run.

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No, investigating the opposition without a crime will. Criminalizing politics. This sets the precedence you don’t need a crime to have a SP investigate a president.

What was the crime the counsel against Bill Clinton was supposed to investigate? What charges related to that crime were ever formally brought against him?

The “opposition” isn’t being investigated. Mueller, a Republican, was appointed by a Republican president’s Republican deputy AG to investigate crimes against America. If he uncovered Republican crimes along the way, shouldn’t you be happy we’re catching criminals? Or do you just want selective, partisan law enforcement?


The illegal hacking of DNC emails by Russians is the crime.

The “there is no crime” line is a complete and total lie that is only spouted by complete and total morons.

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It started with allegations of an illegal loan in the whitewater issue. But it ended with some kind of “false statement” charges or something along those lines.

Lock her up!

Do the phrases “Lock her up!” and “Benghazi!” ring a bell for you?

By a mere second I beat ya lol.

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Russian bots on Facebook

I do agree that rhos proves that rwpublicans should never be allowed to gain any sort of pwer ever again…

What crime is Mueller investigating?