A TRUMP-HATER’S GUIDE TO MUELLER SKEPTICISM, Or how TDS will damage America in the long run


I do agree that rhos proves that rwpublicans should never be allowed to gain any sort of pwer ever again…


What crime is Mueller investigating?


Obstruction of justice.


The DNC was not hacked, they were phised… And some of the Russians are willing to go to trial.


Pretty sure it was his lies to a grand jury in a sexual harassment case…


Yes, it was so easy to beat Hillary, all you needed was a few Facebook ads to counter act her billions in negative ads against Trump…


She’s guilty of erasing state department e-mails.


Yes… they got an ambassador killed by hubris.


See how fast they turn on vanity fair. Not exactly a right wing publication.


There is absolutely no evidence of this. After 7+ investigations. You guys never address the Whitewater investigation. Funny that


In his deposition for the Paula Jones lawsuit, Clinton denied having “sexual relations” with Monica Lewinsky. On the basis of the evidence provided by [Monica Lewinsky], Ken Starr concluded that this sworn testimony was false and perjurious.



That’s directly related to his white water machinations in what way?


Bzzzt. Try again.


I can remember Ted Koppel on the old Nightline asking, when a special counsel was selected for Clinton, “What are we doing to ourselves” with all these special counsel investigations.
He had enthusiastically supported the special counsel under Reagan.
It depends on ox ownership, as usual. Vanity Fair seems to be a little ahead on this.

At this point, I await the possibility of an actual crime by Trump. If there is none, then we definitely need a thorough investigation of how this started and why.
Saying bad things about Trump and his administration in the report wont do anything to justify the investigation. That will just make it opposition research for the DNC paid for by the taxpayers.


I think such posts are lazy. If you know the story, why not post it?


I don’t think any serious person said that the hacking of the DNC would not be a crime and should not be investigated. That is not what this whole two year (Mueller and the FBI before him) investigation is about.


I think “Trump is cool” posts are lazy. And dodgy.

No need, because you already know that the SP against Clinton was supposed to be investigating shady real estate deals that had nothing to with nooky in the Oval Office. And you’re perfectly content with that investigation getting Clinton on unrelated charges. But now that it’s happening to your favorite Dear Leader…oh, it’s just TDS.


Three years between when Starr is appointed to investigate and when Clinton actually lies…


You have the most amazing memory.


Wait, there’s actually people that hate Trump?

I thought that the Democratic Party was the Party of love, peace and acceptance? lol.