A Threat to Our Democracy? antifa Mob Outside Tucker Carlson's Home, Posts Hannity, Coulter Addresses

I guess it’s not time for civility after all. Why do the “anti-fascists” try so hard to shut down dissenting opinions??

Aren’t these idiots supposed to be happy after their big election night??

It’s how libs roll man…it’s how they roll.

Until society stands up to em they will continue getting away with it.

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sidewalks are public property.

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The tucker carlson story says someone walked up and rang his doorbell.

The horror.

I continue to pray that society, but especially the younger generation, takes its cues on civility and respect from our wonderful president and not these rude, boorish, insulting libs.


These libs are worse than animals!

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So you don’t want civility?

I’m hoping that they can follow the words of the last president. “If they bring a knife, we bring a gun.”

Oh wait, james hodgkinson already followed that advice. Maybe that’s not the answer.

So… what crime is being committed here?

Follow the conversation. Unless you think tucker carlson has a doorbell on the sidewalk??

I guess a group of (anyone on the right) on a public sidewalk telling some opponent that they know where he lives would be a nothingsauce too, huh?

Is it illegal to knock on someone door in America?

They should be arrested for treaspassing, criminal threat and making terroristic threats.

I am serious about that

What constitutes a mob though… pretty low bar for you guys.

You’re right. Lets raise an army.

None of those charges would stick.

So, to be clear…Not a threat to our democracy??

That’s all I needed to know.

No more crying about acosta’s press pass. Or fake news is the enemy of the people.

Ever go trick-or-treating?


No more crying about ringing doorbells either.