A Star is Born 2018 movie

Went with the spouse to see it last night and was blown away. The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was amazing as was the music. Any lingering doubts some might have about Lady Gaga’s singing ability should be utterly dispelled by this movie. She has an amazing set of pipes on her. Surprisingly Bradley Cooper can sing pretty well too. Every song but one in the movie is amazing and the one bad one is supposed to be bad though it wouldn’t shock me if it becomes popular - it comes mid movie after Gaga’s character is becoming a star and is a manufactured piece of pop dreck like you would see Fergie or Britney singing which is the point as the movie is showing the manufactured process behind making a star. It’ll probably do well because it fits so perfectly with the type of stuff that is popular nowadays.

I also went in not knowing anything about the plot beyond fading rock star discovers new star and they fall in love. I’d never seen the prior versions so the ending caught me wholly unaware. If your like me and don’t know how it ends then see it before you get spoiled. If you’ve seen prior versions then you can guess as I looked them up and they all end similarly though in different ways.

Interesting. The ads were cringe-inducing. Especially Cooper.

I thought same thing, but reviews have been outstanding. I’m definitely adding it to my list, but will probably wait for it to come out on video. I typically only see the loud, action movies in theaters these days.

No offense, but I would rather watch a trump rally than watch Bradley Cooper in a movie.

There were never any doubts about Gaga’s singing ability, she’s a rare talent. The question was if she could act.
On the other side is Cooper, can he sing?

I see parallels between the previous version, Kristopherson couldn’t sing his part and the movie lacked credibility. Just as Streisand can sing but was always mismatched against her male co-stars looks wise.

Gaga did just fine acting. She attended drama school prior to becoming Gaga and has some recent TV stuff under her belt so its not her first foray into acting. Cooper sings fine for the type he music. He of course can’t match Gaga’s ability but for the songs he does, a country rock type of mix, he’s perfectly fine.

I’ve seen many online and on this board doubt her ability because of her manufactured Gaga personality. She’s done a good job dispelling it the over the last few years with her national anthem performance, the Sound of Music, the superbowl halftime show, her performance with Metallica, and her last album. Yet she remains Gaga, though she’s toned down the weirdness, so some still think she’s an autotuned fake.

Oh, on this board?

I understand.

They weren’t paying attention.

I’ve got a crush on gaga

check out gagas appearance on howard stern…

just her and a piano at 10 in the morning…

she debunks any question of her talent…

if you are not a fan, which i am not of that brand of music, you have to admire her amazing talent…

I saw A Star Is Born today, and it was wonderful.

I absolutely loved Lady Gaga’s performance, and I liked Bradley Cooper’s performance and direction.

I loved the music as well.

I give this film a grade of an A-.


If you’ve got a Dolby Cinema near you, I recommend seeing it in that format - particularly on the scenes where they are on stage. In the Dolby format, it’s almost like you’re right there with the actors on stage. And the level of detail with the projection system they use is incredible.

One word of warning I will give - there is an extremely depressing portion towards the end of the movie. The acting is so well in the movie, that it can really get to you if you have some rough things going on in your life. In my case, due to some stuff that happened in my personal life last week, I had to step out for a small portion of the film.

I won’t go into detail as I woudn’t want to give away anything for those who do see it, but I did want to put in a small warning.

Her acting ability has been known for awhile she won an Gold Globe for her role on American Horror Story.

Huh, did not know that, thanks.

The show isn’t for everyone being a edgy horror show lots of sex and violence but her acting was good, I wouldn’t doubt she on the short list for an Oscar with this movie.

Why? He did a good job in American sniper. And he’s the perfect voice for Rocket Racoon.

There are very few good actors left and he’s not one of them. If playing a racoon’s voice is a major accomplishment for an actor, I don’t know what else to tell you.:blush:

I never said he was great. He’s fairly solid though. Which is more than can be said for most of Hollywood.

He’s alright, he should stick to comedies.