A Star is Born 2018 movie

Yep. Those weren’t tears in my eyes at the end I swear, it was dusty in the theater.

I’ve also seen some comment online from people who have loved an alcoholic that this movie really brought back a lot of painful memories for them. I can see why as Cooper’s character really does have a totally awful rock bottom moment to go with many other bad moments. Yet underneath it you could see a good person.

Trigger I’m glad you enjoyed the film. Lady Gaga, far as music goes, is five stars out of five.

Here’s my complaint: is this the same film Robert Redford & Barbara Streisand did in the ‘70s? If so, my complaint is it seems as if the movie industry is developing few original ideas & pretty much limited themselves to recycling old films. Sad.

Same old Hollywood, nothing original. The Barbara Streisand movie is a remake of a Judy Garland movie with the same name.

The first A Star is Born, was 1937 with Janet Gaynor. The Judy Garland version was a remake, etc.

I stand corrected. :+1:
Still, no originality from Hollywood.

And that one was basically a copy of a movie made 5 years earlier but under a different name.

Nonetheless, I don’t see a problem with this one. The remakes are coming far apart from one another and are substantially different from one another enough to be essentially different movies.

The 1937 one was about actors, not singers. The Judy Garland one was about a jazz singer and tap dancer. Only the Streisand one and this current one were about rock and roll singers and given they come forty years apart and differ substantially in every way except the concept of fading star discovering new star I think its okay. Plus while I haven’t seen the Streisand one I read a bunch of comparisons to this new one and it sounds like it was hot garbage in every way. Kris Krosteferson couldn’t act to save his life and the story was a mess, only Streisands singing was good but the songs were schmaltzy crap.

Kris Kristopherson, not Robert Redford.

“Are you watching me now…?” I can still hear him coughing out that song…

You must be thinking about “The Way We Were”